Primary News


From the Head of Primary

It is wonderful having all of the Primary students back at school. Primary parents are 

able to pick their children up from classrooms between 3:00 and 3:15pm. For convenience, parents of students in older Primary classes may email the class teacher requesting older children to meet younger siblings at 3:10pm to go directly to the crossing. From 3:15pm, students will be dismissed. Students in younger classes will wait with staff until their parent/carer is seen in the car park or an older sibling can accompany them to their parent. Thank you to all families for your cooperation with these dismissal arrangements and for respecting the drop off arrangements. It has been lovely to see older students accompanying younger students up to the classrooms. Staff still wish to communicate with parents/carers so please don’t hesitate to email your child’s teachers if there is a matter of concern.


Please remember the following:

1. Drink Bottle - each child needs a labelled water bottle. The bubbler taps have been turned off for hygiene purposes.


2. Handwashing and Sanitising - discuss with your child(ren) the need to regularly wash or sanitise their hands when returning to school and throughout the school day.


3. Unwell Children - please do not send your child(ren) to school if they are unwell and notify the school office absence line.


4. Years 5/6 Chromebooks - for the remainder of Term 2, students will have to bring the fully charged Chromebook every day and take it home to charge at night. On the final day of Term 2, Friday 26 June, students need to bring the Chromebook chargers back to school as they will be reinstalled into the charging cabinets over the holiday break. Students must take care when transporting the Chromebooks to and from school. They need to be secured in their school bags and to make sure that their bag is handled carefully at all times to prevent damage to the Chromebook.


5. Primary Playground - it is closed after school as families are requested to go straight home.


6. Signage - please follow the signage that has been erected to support the flow of pedestrian traffic.


7. Canteen - lunch orders are available to Primary students. There are no direct counter sales for Primary students until further notice.


8. Photos - please email or send a photo (which will be photocopied) for the Primary School display of people the students couldn’t see during the COVID restrictions by Friday 19 June.



Gold coin donation free dress day will be held on Thursday 25 June, the second last day of school. Donations are going to support Cancer charities.


Gaga Pit

The new Gaga Pit is extremely popular. Over the past two years, there were requests from Primary students for the building of a Gaga Pit. Joshua from Year 3 also wrote a very persuasive letter to Mr Lomulder. The students are very grateful to be able to enjoy playing Gaga. 


Art Installation on the Tennis Court

Mrs De Haan, along with the Primary Arts Leader, Eden, and with assistance from Izzy, Asha, Emily and Abigail, put together a welcoming sign and ribbons on the wire mesh fence near the basketball courts to welcome back the teachers. We thank them for their creativity! 


God bless,


Glenys Bailey

Head of Primary

Prep News

The Prep children have been learning about volume. Full, half full and empty, we had lots of fun filling cups with rice pasta and granola. This term the Preps welcome the new Bee Bots into the classroom. These cute little bugs follow the directions you key into them. We travelled across the alphabet, different shapes and around the farm. Children are learning left and right forwards and backwards.


Donna Martin

Prep-Year 2 Coordinator

The letter T-t

When learning about the letter Tt, the students in Prep T enjoyed reading the story of 'The Tiger who came to Tea'. Tiger toast was made (it was delicious!) and some very colourful tiger masks were also created! 


Jennie Taylor

Prep Teacher

Years 3/4 Australian Dioramas

The Years 3/4 students have been exploring the Australian landscape. Below are some creative illustrations of their studies. 



The Years 3/4 students have also been busy creating their own parachute and testing it out on an 'egg drop' experiment.' Schvinda popped in for a visit too!


Also in Science, Years 3/4 students have been exploring how heat can be produced using friction. They made predictions about whether rubbing their hands together would produce more or less heat than rubbing them on the carpet. Thankfully, no one got carpet burn!


Maree Coates

Years 3/4 Team Leader

Class Pets

Year 3/4T have been enjoying their new class pets - stick insects! 


Tammie Chester 

Year 3/4 Teacher

Music Announcement 

Instead of learning to play the recorder in Term 3 this year, the Years 3/4 students will be learning how to play the ukulele. This means that recorders and recorder books will not be required each week as they have in previous years. Students will be using a class set of instruments, though if you would like to support your child's learning at home, you could consider purchasing a ukulele from any music store for around $30-$40. Year 3 students from this year will be learning how to play the recorder next year. Please speak to Mr Mallen or email him if you would like more information or if you have any questions.


Dave Mallen

Music Teacher

Years 5/6 Health Talks

Girls and boys spent a day discussing the changes to our body during puberty. They explored how God created our bodies in an amazing way. Some activities included T-shirt making, encouraging posters, fun face makeup and team challenges.


Sara Wright

Years 5/6 Coordinator


Over 500 books were returned to the Library during last week. We are currently airing them for 72 hours before re-shelving.


The Library staff were very happy to loan books to families during remote learning. Now is the time for them to be returned. 


If you still have Library books at home, please send them back as soon as possible. 


Jennie Champion

Library Coordinator

Seascapes in Years 1/2

Years 1/2 are overlapping tissue paper to create the fore/middle/background of their seascapes. It was interesting to see what happened when we layered different colours on top of each other. We discussed that the horizon line is where the ocean or land meets the sky and had fun spotting it in a range of different pictures.


Caroline DeHaan

Primary Art teacher

Reminders of Remote Learning

Phoenix learning how to build and the boys discovering tee pees in the Flora and Fauna reserve.


Maverick studying at home and receiving a haircut compliments of Mum.


This was our last day of remote learning at home. Arlen and Lachlan decided to celebrate this by decorating the lounge room with streamers and balloons, and having cupcakes for morning tea - a way to say goodbye to remote learning and hooray for back to school! 


The McDermott Family has been making the most of the weekends now that some restrictions have eased and have been doing a lot of outdoor trail walks and hiking up mountains.


Hugo making the most of his time at home. 


Mikaylah on the computer logging into her class and out for a walk visiting the ducks at a nearby lake.


Amy doing her school work with our new puppy, Margo.