A Special Message from Julie Rebbeck

Thank you for the Privilege


Term 2 is quickly coming to a close, so I am unable to get to thank you personally, as I had hoped. I would like to thank you as special parents and staff at Bayside Christian College community for my, and my families’ involvement at the College since 1993. 


It has been a privilege and honour to befriend so many of you over these years. Our initial involvement was as parents, when my husband Graham and I enrolled our eldest son, Aaron into the College in 1993, followed by our second son Leigh in 1994.


As parents, we too became part of this community of special like-minded people. This allowed us an opportunity to serve as volunteers for many years. As members of the College Association and Association Committee we were able to help develop and put in place opportunities for community and student growth in those early years. 


What a joy for me, at a later date, to be employed as the College Registrar. Now it is my privilege to hand this special and enjoyable role to our new Registrar, Anita May. I am certain Anita will take the time to walk amongst you and get to know your family and children, as I have enjoyed doing over many years. Thank you for sharing your stories, journeys and aspirations, through special times and in sad times too. Thank you for the privilege of meeting new families as you transitioned into the College, and for the many long-standing families for their encouragement and prayers over the years. I am also grateful for the chance to welcome ex-students and graduates back to the College. How exciting to see young people commence in the ELC, Prep or Year 7 and to graduate and then to return as young parents seeking a Christ-centred education for their children.


Graham and I have been blessed with both our sons being married to graduates from the College in Lauren and Beth. We are also fortunate to have two of our grandchildren, Matthew and David, currently attending. Both their families continue to be involved in church leadership and ministry. The growth in their faith is a testament to the teaching and education undertaken during their time attending the College.


Thank you Andrew, the Leadership Group, my colleagues, staff and friends for your continued support and for upholding me in prayer during this quite unexpected illness. Yesterday, I headed into weekly chemotherapy which is expected to continue until the end of the year. I really appreciate your prayers during this time. God has remained faithful and He walks with me daily giving me strength and peace as I embark on this challenging journey.


My thanks again for the privilege of getting to know you and for the wonderful opportunities that few people are fortunate enough to experience. 


I know that whatever lies in the future of Bayside Christian College you will continue to reap the rewards of being faithful to Scripture, most notably Proverbs 22:6: “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” 


May God continue to bless you all. In gratitude, 


Julie Rebbeck