Middle School

Year 5s panning for gold at Sovereign Hill, Ballarat.


In Middle School, our passion is to develop faithfully devoted servants of Christ. On a regular basis, we love to celebrate our VALUE CHAMPIONS; the people who live out our values on a daily basis.

Well done to the following students:


Faithfully Honouring Commitments (Matt. 25:14-30)  – It’s about being faithful in the small things.

  • Pablo Lopez (5F) collects the homework books everyday.
  • Roshan Bernice Firme (5F) for closing the iPad cabinet every afternoon
  • Daniel He (6C) for coming up with good ideas for the energy survey.
  • Krish Gupta (7H) for always being on time to class.
  • Nicholas Kho (7C) for always doing his work on time and doing extra work
  • Wesley Forward (8C) for being organised and ready for class


Devoted to Growth (1 Tim. 4:14-15) – It’s about seeking the small improvement one day at a time.

  • Adina Liang (5S) for diligently writing her letter to the farmers
  • Katie Yee (5S) for taking on the most dramatic role in drama
  • Alyssa Kong (6L) for always trying her best at everything she does
  • Noah Crotty (7H) for trying his best to carve mjolner patterns during art
  • Helena (7H) for trying her best in math
  • Beatrice Andrew (8C) for handing in her Science poster early


Servant Heart (1 Peter 4:7-11) – It’s about taking action to add value to others.

  • Ethan Tang (5S) for handing out books
  • Oliver Lim (5S) for encouraging others in their work
  • Alannah Li (6L) for giving others resources when they are away
  • Sam Bird (6L) for being a nice person to talk to and helping others when they find things hard
  • Matthew Wu (6C) for always being there to help when you need it.
  • Matthias Goh (6C) for always opening the door for everyone
  • Emily Yeng & Helena Ritter (7H) for helping Mrs Heading to pick up the cloths from the washing.
  • Henry Liu (7C) for helping others in Chinese
  • Egan Nallathamby (8C) for respecting everyone in the classroom
  • Kevin Wang (8K) for always being a loyal friend whenever others need help
  • Timothy Adam (8K) for helping others with their work during lunch


Keep up the great work!

Mr Lee

Head of Middle School




It was gold fever all the way when the Year 5s headed off for their 3-day camp at Sovereign Hill, Ballarat. The students had a fantastic time learning about gold mining, gold smelting and the important role gold played in the history of Victoria.


They even got to step back in time and see how the people lived in Victorian times. How did they survive without ipads?



Some of our award winning students were: 

Standing: Jessica Masciantonio,  Abigail Lim,  Egan Nallathamby, Jeremy Ly.

Seated: Tylor Zhu, Victor Samuel, Summy Yee, Ella Zhang


Congratulations to our St Andrews students who completed the 2019 Victorian Premiers' Reading Challenge and received a congratulatory Letter and 'Certificate of Achievement' from Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.


This year, almost 113,000 school students and young Victorians joined in the fun and completed the challenge. Together, they read more than 4.3 million books - an incredible achievement.



Premier Andrews congratulated everyone who took part in the Challenge with special thanks given to the parents, families and teachers for their ongoing support of the program.



We are very pleased to report that the St Andrews Debating team won the CSEN Debating Championship and Shield at the finals. Our first team consisting of Aruvi Gopesh, Ruby Muggeridge and Melissa Yao debated students from Lighthouse Christian College on the topic ‘That we should prohibit building homes in areas prone to natural disasters’, taking the affirmative side while our second team consisting of Caitlyn Smith, Julia Pajor, and Reese Firme debated students from Waverley Christian College on the topic ‘That we should prohibit public statements that are offensive’, taking the negative side. Sarah Farmer and Isabelle Smith chaired the debates. In addition, ‘Best Speaker’ awards were won by Aruvi Gopesh and Reese Firme. Thank you to Mrs Kishnan for her support of the Year 7 team. All in all, a fantastic year for Public Speaking and Debating at St Andrews.



All Year 7 Science students were able to attend a full-day program covering Area of study: Classification and Adaptation. Students visited the IMAX to watch an educational movie titled “AUSTRALIA: THE WILD TOP END 3D. Far Northern Australia is a land of extremes, from bushfires to torrential floods. Students explored the wildlife and met the people in Australia’s wild top end, from the Kimberley coast through to the mysterious Arnhem Land, and deep into the world’s oldest rainforest in Cape York. Students learnt about the lives of the inhabitants of this ancient landscape, following the life cycle of the saltwater crocodile and the hunt for new frog species. They also explored a living cave with ancient Indigenous artwork and observed the deep connection first Australians have with their land and country. Students also visited the Melbourne Museum where they conducted a generalised viewing under teacher supervision. Special thanks to the following staff members: Mrs Wong, Mrs Cloete and Ms Whittaker for accompanying us for this excursion.

Louis Fernandes

Year 7 Science Teacher



On 6th November, the St Andrews Primary Chess Team competed in the state championships at Balwyn North Primary School and came in 10th overall.


Well done to the boys who all competed.


St Andrews Primary Chess Team;

Julian Bernau, Nathan Miao, 

Joseph Cho, Joshua Deng,  Zachary Lim



It was all fun and games for the Year 8s at the Kangaroobie Camp Bush Camp, situated along the Great Ocean Road. Every day was filled with activities and excursions that kept the Year 8s active and busy.

It's not very often that by days end excited and active young people are looking forward to bed and more than happy to hit the sack. PHEW! Well done teachers.



Dear community,

I would like to inform you of some staffing changes in Middle School for 2020.


Dan Ferguson (Year 5) will be taking a 12-month leave of absence to finish his Master of Theology degree from MST. It’s a really exciting time as Dan continues to pursue God’s call on his life.


Rebecca Lim will be reducing her teaching allotment for Chinese. We’re thankful for all that she has contributed and will continue to do so in the future.


I am pleased to announce that the following appointments have been made for 2020:


Natalie Nheu will be working in the 5/6 Team and Nikki Miao will be teaching MS Chinese. Here’s some information about them:


Hi there! My name is Natalie Nheu and I am so excited to be teaching at St Andrews next year. I’ve recently completed a 4-year double degree (Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Music) at Monash University and am so grateful that God has given me this opportunity to teach a wonderful group of Year 6 students. I’ve attended the same church since I was a child and have served in Sunday School, youth ministry and the praise worship team for 4 years now. I particularly love working with my Grade 5/6 Sunday School class and designing innovative ways to engage them with the Gospel. When I have spare time, I love to be crafty! I love to make jewellery (especially funky earrings), paint pottery, embroider and attempt sewing. I also love being in nature, being with animals, playing social netball, making music, travelling with my best friend and spending time with my Heavenly Father. I am super excited to be working at St Andrews because I love journeying with God’s children and watching them grow more independent and convicted in their faith.

Natalie Nheu




Hello, my name is Lin Miao and I am a caring teacher who graduated a Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science at University of South Australia and a Graduate Diploma of Teaching in Secondary at University of Adelaide. I was in Holy Trinity in Adelaide and Evangelical Students in Uni Adelaide. I am now involved in women’s fellowship and leading young adults’ group in Holy Trinity Doncaster (Mandarin Congregation). I used to teach in Bacchus Marsh College for two years as a Chinese teacher and tutored Science subjects back in Adelaide. In my spare time, I love being outdoors, spending time with friends (& feeding them), watching movies and documentaries. I am so excited to be teaching at St Andrews next year and to work in God’s plan, to use the gifts He gave, to serve others as He said, to influence the lives of next generation for His glory!

Lin Miao


We look forward to seeing both of them join our College community in 2020!