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A group of Year 11  students recently had an exciting practical demonstration on the basic physics and principles of rocketry. Miss Easton guided the students in the construction of their water powered rocket, the four forces of flight - weight, thrust, lift and drag and the basics of telemetry. After a number of not so successful attempts the students made the appropriate adjustments and finally had lift off! According to Miss Easton "it was a fantastic, fun morning and who knows perhaps we might even have a few future aeronautical / rocket engineers in our midst."



St Andrews Careers Newsletter

Items in this issue include -

-              key VTAC dates

-              university pathways programs

-              maths and science bridging courses

-              scholarships

-              new university courses

-              VCE Summer School Programs

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-              Gap Year Ministry Training Opportunity

-              Melbourne School of Theology and Eastern College Australia Open Night

-              Swinburne University webinar for parents - VTAC, pathways, change of preference, course entry requirements and the December offer round.


Engage Engineer at Monash University

Engage Engineer is a two-day program for Yr. 9 and 10 students interested in engineering. This free event held at Monash University, Clayton involves a variety of workshops and activities run by different organisations and student teams. The activities aim to take incoming 2020 Year 9 and 10 students on a journey to learn about the different types of engineering, and the future careers which exist for them in STEM. From coding robots to combating plastic pollution, students will be immersed in all engineering has to offer and participate in hands-on activities designed to both teach and inspire.


Jschool Journalism College has opened two Diploma of Journalism subjects to senior students -  Journalism 101 and Shorthand (speed writing). Students can study the units online over summer, December to February, or during 2020 in either the Autumn or Spring semesters. For further information please see

or phone 1300 85 99 75 or email


Careers Coordinator Irena Yevlahova



All Year 11 Chemistry students attended a full-day program covering Area of study 2: Chemical Analysis which relates to our Unit 2, AOS 2 conducted by the Victorian Space Science Education Centre (VSSEC). Students were able to have hands-on experience of using the Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, the UV Visible Spectrometer and the High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph. All instrumental analysis was performed directly by the students including the calibration of the instruments and the preparation and use of standard solutions and samples. Students were thrilled with the use of sophisticated instruments that they were able to use and handle. Overall, a great learning experience for the students which also prepares them for Year 12 Chemistry.


Louis Fernandes

VCE Chemistry Teacher



It's always sad to say goodbye to the people and places that have long been a big part of your life. That was the feeling amongst many of the students and staff at the recent farewell assembly given to our Year 12 students who had graduated and were leaving the College to move on to the next chapter of their lives.


It was a great opportunity for Senior students to receive a goodbye badge and balloon from this year's Prep students and also have the opportunity share memories and funny moments in their College life. A number of students also spoke about their hope and dreams for the future.


God Bless Seniors, thank you for our times together - you will be missed!




It was a very successful exam time for all of our VCE students thanks to their preparation, their hard work throughout the year and the diligent guidance of Mr Presant, Mrs Farmer and the Senior School teaching team.


When all said and done, many students realise the value of intensive study, rigorous assignments and a few late nights to get the best result. 

Well done everyone, a great effort.







There was even a furry friend to help release the pressure and 

ease those pre and post exam nerves.