Students have been coming to the Swap Shop on Friday lunch times to swap their acknowledgement points for prizes. It has been great to see so many students being recognised for their hard work and efforts this year. Students can check how many acknowledgement points they have by logging onto Compass, or coming to the Swap Shop on Friday and asking the student leaders on duty. You can get a prize from as little as 10 points! Student feedback is always welcome, and we encourage students to let us know what prizes they would like, by submitting suggestions at the front office. Congratulations to the following students who have received the most acknowledgement points so far this term:

Year 7- Rabia Janagha

Year 8- Ali Ullah Alizadah

Year 9- Ujjwal Bhatia

Year 10- Alena Meluccy

Year 11- Brianna Van Loon and Issac Van Rhyn

Year 12- Alana Eldo