Year 10 VCAL

Year 10 Students were fortunate enough to attend an excursion last week to Healesville; We hear from the students about their day!


Written by: Dakota Barbaressos, Taneisha Van Den Bogaart and Blake Webb

On the 10th of May, Year 10 VCAL ventured out to Healesville Sanctuary on a drizzly day. We got to see and learn about multiple interesting, cute animals, many of them being endangered. The sanctuary ranger talked about these different endangered animals and informed us about what we can do to prevent their extinction. We split into teams ready to embark on a scavenger hunt that had checkpoints scattered throughout the sanctuary. We all got lots of photos of ourselves with the animals.

Some of us worked really hard on the learning task while some of us decided to wander off. Around midday and endless walking many of us made sure to stop at the café to grab a nice lunch. Those who went to the bird show instead said it was amazing as an owl flew right past them. Although they couldn’t see the dangerous bird because the cockatoo had a tantrum and refused to go back in its cage.

It was a fun excursion as we got to explore all of Healesville Sanctuary on our own. Back in class we reflected on the importance of places like Healesville Sanctuary for our local wildlife.

Year 11 VCAL

To support our health unit this term, we visited the local gym. As part of their task, students learnt about the importance of physical activity in their day to day lives and developed their own fitness plans to follow. The students then walked down to Cranbourne Fitness 24/7, to try out their plans. After their initial visit, students fine-tuned their plans to better suit their needs for the next visit. Students spent 2 sessions using the treadmills, exercise bikes, weights, and all of their amazing equipment. For many students, it was their first visit to a gym. It was great to see everyone giving it a go and supporting each other.