Month of Mary

October, Month of Mary

October is a month traditionally devoted in the Catholic Church to Mary. Bishop Kennedy has specifically requested that a decade of the Rosary be said in schools each day in October. The focus of this prayer is to pray for families.

Earlier in the year The Legion of Mary donated multiple sets of Rosary beads which went home to many O'Connor families. The Rosary tells the story of the Gospels following the life of Jesus and Mary. It is a traditional and very powerful prayer. Some O'Connor families pray the Rosary together. Perhaps it is something your family may consider. Turn off the screens sit down together and pray at least a decade of the Rosary.

A decade of the Rosary looks like this;

1. Make the sign of the cross.

2. The Lords Prayer

3. 10 Hail Mary's (a decade)

4. Glory be to the Father

5. The Fatima Prayer

6. Make the sign of the Cross

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Year 9 Retreat and Year 10 Christian Leadership Day.

Year 9 and 10 enjoyed a wonderful day facilitated by the Lasallian Youth Ministry team from Sydney at the Parish centre at the Cathedral. The feedback from students and staff has been very positive indeed. Many thanks to Father Francis and Father Sabu for offering the sacrament of reconciliation on both days. This was an opportunity that many students took up. 


Multicultural Sunday

October 29 is a date to put down in your calendar. 10.00am mass will be a multicultural mass followed by food and performances from many different countries in the Parish Centre. Please support this great initiative. 


The Father Francis Table Tennis Challenge

November 5 is the date set down for the Parish Table Tennis Day at O'Connor Catholic College following 10.00am Mass. The last report was that Father Francis is still undefeated from last years challenge. BBQs are available for a picnic lunch. It is a great way to meet other parishioners and you don't even have to play table tennis.




Damian Roff

R.E Coordinator