Other College News 

Choral Composer Paul Jarman Visits O'Connor

Choral singers at O'Connor were thrilled  to participate in a workshop with Australian choral conductor and composer Paul Jarman on Thursday this week. They rehearsed music from the program for NECOM's 'New England Sings' to be held in October this year. Along with accompanist Warwick Dunham, the students were taken through their parts and Paul was very encouraging and impressed with the sound they made together. 'New England Sings' will be an amazing experience for choristors from a large number of schools across the region. Thank you to NECOM for providing this amazing opportunity for our young musicians at O'Connor today.

SINGING OUT: Paul Jarman was impressed with the sound our students produced on the day.

CHORAL ENSEMBLE: Miss Jess Suann has been rehearsing O'Connor's choristors in preparation for NECOM's 'New England Sings' in October. 

Youth Group 

Last Friday Youth Group was fortunate to have Miss Armfield bring her puppies in for a visit. They certainly brought some smiles to our young people's faces. 

Congratulations Laura

Laura Lidgard from Year 7 has been declared the winner of the Year 7-9 category of the 'Students as Authors' writing competition. 

Laura will now work with Armidale children's book illustrator Trish Donald. Trish will be working with Laura to illustrate her story and develop it into an eBook. Laura’s book will then be published on SORA, the digital library platform, for an audience of more than 250,000 students to borrow and enjoy!