This term, in Religious Education, we began by focusing the children’s attention on how God created everyone uniquely.  We have explored and discussed our similarities and differences, leading to the understanding that we all belong in God’s family.  We have composed prayers to God thanking Him for our special friends and highlighting why they are important to us. 


Our learning during the Lenten season relates to the three ‘pillars’ of Lent -   they are prayer, fasting and almsgiving.  We discussed how we can make a difference during Lent and the children have set goals for serving God and others for this Lenten season.


During our daily English sessions we immerse ourselves in reading, writing and word study.  As well as the mechanics of the written word our reading program primarily attends to comprehension.  The children are building strategies to assist them with literal and inferential comprehension.  


Our Word Study program has two aspects. Firstly in class we undertake the Study of Words to provide the children with opportunities to investigate and understand the patterns and features in words.


The learning of Spelling Rules is undertaken as part of the Word Study lesson. Using a problem solving approach the children are supported to discover rules and exceptions to the rule.


The spelling process is separate to word study.  According to research Spelling is learnt as it is used in context, in order for it to have meaning and purpose. The key principles are:

  • Effective spellers use a number of different strategies interactively in order to spell correctly.
  • Independence and self-evaluation are essential for spelling development.
  • Learning to spell is part of the developmental process of learning to write.
  • Errors can be viewed as developmental signposts of children’s awareness of the spelling system.
  • Spelling should be taught in context with meaning to the child and purpose to why it needs to be learnt.

In writing this term the children will be creating narratives, recounts and retells.  For each writing style a specific structure is used. For example, when writing a narrative the children are progressing from the concept of a ‘beginning, middle and end’ to writing an ‘orientation, complication and resolution’.


During Mathematics, we continue to support the children to explore number and place value.  They look at different ways of representing numbers and identifying number patterns.  There are also opportunities to group, partition and rearrange collections up to 1000, in hundreds, tens and ones, to facilitate more efficient counting and to assist in developing a deeper understanding of place value.  We will also be exploring number sequences and initially those increasing and decreasing by twos, threes, fives and tens. The children  enjoy working in small groups with concrete materials to consolidate their learning.  A sound understanding of number and place value will provide a solid foundation for the ongoing development of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills.


In Measurement we will have explored the concept of calendars and the role they play in our daily lives.  We have examined and recorded data on a calendar and used one to find out useful information about our day.  We have also identified, sequenced and categorised the months of the year according to seasons.


In   the Social Sciences and Humanities the focus this term has been examining the history of Saint Mary MacKillop and the impact of her life in our lives today.  We have also identified and discussed her connections to other places in Australia.  To further develop our understanding and make links to our prior knowledge, the children are now exploring their impact on society and their own connections to places in Australia and across the world.




This term, we focus on three Religious Education units. The first being ‘I Am Special’ which explores ways that each of us are special, and how we differ from those around us. The second unit is called ‘Growing and Changing’’. This unit enables the children to discover how, for Christian people, life is ultimately a gift of God. Throughout this unit the children will discover how they can become members of God’s family through Baptism. The third unit is ‘A Special Holy Time’ gives the children the opportunity to wonder at God, who creates new life. This unit familiarises the children with the Easter Story and how we celebrate that Jesus was raised to new life.


Each morning during our English time our focus is reading, writing and word study. Our shared reading sessions focus on ensuring the children understand what they read and get meaning from written text.


In Writing we are exploring narratives. Throughout the term the children will have looked at a range of narrative texts which has provided them with an understanding of the structure of a story. The children used the pictures and words to gain meaning. Focus is placed on documenting sounds and using correct letter formation, to create meaning, as well as sentence formation.


Our Word Study focuses on expanding the child’s knowledge of sounds and letters, therefore enabling the children to use this knowledge in their everyday writing.


Our Individualised Reading program focuses on the development of each child. The children select the book and read for pleasure or for information. The important aspect is that this it is directed by the child and they have ownership of their reading. This program assists the children at their developmental stage of reading and comprehension strategies are incorporated to help with meaning.


In Mathematics we have been focusing on Number and Algebra and Measurement.

In Number and Algebra, the children use concrete materials to assist in developing their counting abilities using one to one correspondence.  They will develop confidence with number sequences to and from one hundred. Throughout the term the children will be working towards recognising, modelling, reading, writing and ordering numbers to at least 100. In Measurement and Geometry, the children have explored, measured and compared different lengths and capacities using non-standard units of measurement.


This Humanities and Social Sciences program consists of History and Geography. This is a new learning area developed for the Western Australian Curriculum and mandated by the Government. It combines History and Geography into one learning area. Through Integrated Studies the children have learnt about how places have distinctive features. They have identified  natural, managed and constructed features of places, their location on a pictorial map and how they may change over time.





This term the Infant Jesus Choir have been working hard, studying effective vocal techniques to improve tone production and paying particular attention to the blending of voices to produce a seamless choral tone. They have also delved into learning successful performance skills and how it is imperative to work together as a team. The Choir  had their first Choral Performance at the Assembly this morning and we are looking forward to many more performances.




This year will bring the 28th Performing Arts Festival for Catholic Schools and College’s. The Infant Jesus Choir, Band and Year Four Music Classes have commenced work upon their Performance pieces for the Festival.

Entries for the Festival are now open. If your child studies voice or learns an instrument and would like to perform in the Festival this year, please contact me on


Also please see attachment for Jazz for Juniors coming up at His Majesty's Theatre for children aged 4-7 years.

Nicole Boddy


Italian Festival 2017

The Italo Australia Welfare and Cultural Centre are running a number of competitions for the Italian Festival this year, one of which is the children's colouring competition. This year the topic for the colouring competition is 'L' Anno Internazionale del Turismo Sostenibile/The international Year of Sustainable Tourism.'


We are asking all parents to encourage their children to participate and do their best. It is a State competition and certificates and prizes are awarded from the Centre. Also could you please sign and send back the entry form available from our Italian Teacher Signora Cole.



P&F News


We're excited to announce that we are holding a Loose Change Fundraiser in Term 2!  Children in each class will be asked to donate change into their class bucket.  The class who raises the most will win a Class Pizza Party! Children will receive a pizza lunch, juice, a longer lunch break AND a secret surprise!  All classes will want to win this one so start saving your small change!!





The next fundraising meeting will be held tonight 7pm at Fast Eddys Cafe, Morley.  All parents are welcome and we hope to see you there.



Thank you to the Social Committee for organising a wonderful Free Dress and Ice Cream Day.  It was fantastic to see the kids dressing up and making the most of free dress.  We had a great time giving away 527 icy poles to students and staff in the piazza!  Your gold coin donations were appreciated and we're happy to advise that $471.75 was raised on the day!  A big thank you to Sarah Ruggiero, Ida Romeo, Marisa Gulluni and Ida Romeo for helping with this event.

Nicola Cecchele - P&F President



Infant Jesus School is raising funds. Here's how you can help...

We are raising as much as we can to support our technology and innovation room, and we need your help! Order your NEW 2017/2018 Entertainment Book or Entertainment Digital Membership now. You'll receive hundreds of valuable offers for everything you love to do, and help our fundraising at the same time!

"The Entertainment Book is such a great way to try new restaurants. It’s also a great opportunity to help community organisations."



It’s that time of year again, MAD (Mother & Daughter) Camp.  


Let’s get physical and have fun with our friends while meeting new ones.  


This year promises to be full of fun with lots of laughs.  The camp will be held on 26-28 May 2017 at Point Walter Reserve.  


Please fill in the attached Registration Form, pay the deposit via EFT and pass your form into the office for collection.  The deposit needs to be paid by Friday 31st March 2017 and the form handed into the office.  Any queries please contact one of us on the form.




A big hello to all the families.  At this stage we have confirmed the date for the 2017 Family  Camp. This will be during  the middle weekend  of September/October  school holidays, being Friday 29 September, and concluding Sunday 1 October.

We have reduced it by one night, but extended the last day until the afternoon. This will not be the long weekend, giving families  the option  to still make use of the  Queen's birthday long weekend.


Family camp  has been going for over 40 years, and we need to keep this tradition going, as it has made some of the best school memories for both the parents  and the kids  of those who have ever attended. 

Linda Prestianni 0433 925 857

Ardrian Gonsalves 0403 439 888





Date: Friday 7 April

Time: from 8.45am

Venue: Coffee Club Morley

AND save the date: Friday, 28 April - Dinner!!

Canteen Roster

Friday 31 March   

Rosanna Monastra, Belinda Chami, Lisa McCarthy

Monday 3 April  

Jessica Musca, Louise Staltari, Wanita Gentile

Wednesday 5 April 

Jenny Allpike, Emily Dayan, Belinda Poat


Please Note: Vegetarian Pasta, Arancini and Fish Burgers will be sold in lieu of meat products every Friday during Lent. This is in keeping with our Catholic Lenten Practice of Fasting.


Please see attached the Canteen Menu for Lent.




To assist with school based events, please ensure that both of these have been completed. 

1. Complete the Volunteer Workshop 

2. Read and Sign the Code of Conduct which is new in 2017.  


It is a requirement that not only the Parent Volunteer Workshop has been completed, but the school based Code of Conduct has been signed and returned to the office.  


Copies of the Code of Conduct are available from the front office or online. 



ANZAC Day 2017 


ANZAC Day occurs on 25 April every year. On this day we honour all the men and women who have participated in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations around the world, including the ANZACs (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) who fought at Gallipoli in Turkey during World War I. Incredibly, more than 100 years have passed since Australia’s involvement in the First World War.


Honouring the ANZACs

In 1916, one year after the Gallipoli landing, 25 April was officially declared as ANZAC Day. In the beginning, ANZAC Day honoured the ANZACs. However, after World War II, ANZAC Day came to be about honouring all veterans, servicemen and women, alive or dead. ANZAC Day commemorates everyone who has been involved in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations, from the Occupation of Japan, to the Korean War, to the Vietnam War, to the conflict in Afghanistan.


At Infant Jesus School we will be honouring our ANZAC Story at 11am on the 26 of April in the Piazza. All are encouraged to intend this special event; however, we are sure many more will attend the special services around the Perth Metropolitan area on our Public Holiday in recognition of this special day. 


Feastday of St John Climacus 30 March 

St. John took his name Climacus or “ladder” from his book, The Ladder of Divine Ascent. The reader who climbed The Ladder ascended thirty steps to holiness. According to St. John, the goal was to reach a state of apatheia or passive disinterestedness in earthly life so as to anticipate the wonders of heaven. 


Each step communicated some practical insight into Christian living that twenty-first-century readers will still find beneficial. Consider, for example, the tenth step on avoiding slander and judging others:

Slander is the offspring of hatred, a subtle yet crass disease, a leech escaping notice, wasting and draining away the lifeblood of love. I have rebuked slanderers, and in self-defense these evildoers claimed to be acting out of love. My answer was, “If, as you insist, you love that person, then don’t make a mockery of him, but pray for him in secret, for this is the kind of love that is acceptable to the Lord.”


Do not allow human respect to get in your way when you hear someone slandering his neighbour. Instead, say: “Brother, stop it! I do worse things every day, so how can I criticize him?” You accomplish two things when you say this. You heal yourself and you heal your neighbour with the one bandage. Do not make judgments, and you will travel no quicker road to the forgiveness of your sins. “Do not judge, and you will not be judged” (Luke 6:37 NJB). If a man commits a sin before you at the very moment of his death, pass no judgment because God’s judgment is hidden from us. Men have sinned greatly in the open but have done greater good deeds in secret.


A native of Palestine and possibly a disciple of St. Gregory Nazianzen, at sixteen, John entered a monastery in the Palestinian desert. After four years of training in a community, he lived forty years as a hermit. Like other desert fathers, he broke his near-total solitude only on Saturdays and Sundays to worship with other hermits and counsel his followers.


Early in his monastic career John decided that as a mark of submission to God he would receive all criticism as true. Once, for example, some monks reproached him for wasting time in idle conversation. So to correct what he regarded as a serious fault, for a year John observed absolute silence. Only when his disciples insisted that they needed his spiritual teaching did the saint start speaking again.


When John was seventy he was elected abbot of the monastery at Mount Sinai. That was an appropriate choice, for many monks saw John as a Moses who had received Christian commandments from God and recorded them in his Ladder. After four years in office, John retired to his cell and died there around 649 at eighty years of age.


Parish News



 Sunday 9 April—PALM SUNDAY.

Masses at 6.30pm (Sat Vigil),  7.30am, 9.30am (procession of palms with the parish children), 11.30am (Italian) and 6pm.



Three days, one celebration                                          

Thursday 13 April—HOLY THURSDAY.  Morning prayer of the Church 8am in the Parish Hall. Confessions 8.30 - 9.30am. Mass of the Lord’s Supper at 7.30pm, followed by Adoration at the Altar of Repose until 10.00pm


Friday 14 April—GOOD FRIDAY.

Morning Prayer of the Church at 8.00am in the Parish Hall. Stations of the Cross (parish youth) at 9.30am, Confession 8.30 - 9.30am (English), 9.30 - 10.30am (English and Italian), Via Croce (Italian) at 11.00am

The Passion of the Lord at 3pm.


Saturday 15 April—HOLY SATURDAY.  

Morning Prayer of the Church at 8.00am in the Parish Hall, Confessions 8.30 - 9.30am ,  Easter Vigil—Service of Light at 7.30pm. Includes adult baptisms (approx. 2 hours service). The service will begin outside the church around the fire. Followed by a celebration supper in the Parish Centre (approximately 10pm). Please bring a plate to share.


Sunday 16  April—EASTER SUNDAY.  Masses at 7.30am, 9.30am, 11.30am (Italian) and 6pm.



Sacrament of Confirmation 2017

A reminder to all families who have enrolled their child for the Sacrament of Confirmation at Infant Jesus Parish this year, that you are required to attend one of the Commitment Masses listed below -

Saturday, 1 April at 6:30 pm OR

Sunday, 2 April at 9:30 am OR

Sunday, 2 April  at 6:00 pm 

Please remember to bring your child's holy card and to mark your child's name at the registration before or after the Mass.


Dates to remember:

  • Parent Information Night - Monday 1 May at 7pm
  • Parent and Child Night - Monday 22 May at 7pm
  • Retreat, Episocpal Visitation and Practice - Friday 9 June at 9am
  • Confirmation Masses - Saturday 10 June at 12noon and 3pm




A kind reminder to all the parents that the enrolment for the Sacrament of Confirmation  is now overdue. Please submit all your enrolment forms with complete attachments as soon as possible



Wednesday 5 April at 7.30pm

Join your parish family in this beautiful communal expression of repentance and sorrow in preparation for the great Feast of Easter.

Reflect on the Word of God, be led gently through an examination of conscience, be healed by individual confession. Go back into the world with a heart that is empty of all sorrow and regret and be filled with our loving Father’s unwavering love.



SATURDAY 8 April 9am—1pm

We need many hands to help make our parish grounds and centre clean and fresh for our celebrations at Easter. There will be gardening, cleaning and small maintenance jobs to be done.


Children are very welcome to come with their parents to help.  Morning tea and a sausage sizzle lunch will be provided to all the workers.  Lists will be in the foyer detailing the jobs that need to be done and the equipment required for each task. If you can bring your own equipment, that would be a help, but the parish will provide equipment if you do not have your own. It would be great to see some new faces!



 Infant Jesus Parish 24:7 Morley Youth Group

All youth in Years 6-12 are invited

Join us this Friday night, 6-8pm in the Parish Hall

For more info call Roger 0434 988 711 or Elizabeth 0410 554 393



Harmony Place Women’s refuge in Highgate is running very low on children’s clothing. The refuge needs sizes 0 to 17 to assist the families in need. If you have any good quality pre-loved clothing you no longer need and would like to donate, please bring them to Parish Office.

Thank you.— Sue Goodwin

Project Compassion


Love Your Neighbour

Semiti grew up in an informal or 'squatter' settlement in Fiji. He is now Director of the People's Community Network, supported by Caritas Australia, which empowers thousands of landless Fijians living in informal settlements.


Semiti Says:

"I was once someone who had nothing."


“Through the voice of the poor we can become one, and it’s very powerful.”


Semiti grew up in an informal, or ‘squatter’, settlement in Fiji. More than a quarter of Fiji’s people live in these settlements, with little hope of finding permanent housing and land. Their situation is particularly vulnerable – many live in unstable shelters, and there is a constant threat of extreme climate events. Children have few opportunities for education, and unemployment levels are high. There is little access to public services such as roads, water supply, electricity and garbage collection.


Now Semiti is working together with other residents of informal settlements to make positive changes. He is the Director of the People’s Community Network (PCN), which Caritas Australia supports. PCN helps empower landless people in Fiji, enabling them to address the issues that affect their lives.


The network helps people in each settlement to advocate together to improve their living conditions. They work in committees on issues relating to health and hygiene; care of the elderly and of women who need empowerment; education needs; and unemployment.


Semiti and other informal settlement residents tell how PCN helps them work together as neighbours, in solidarity. Through their participation in housing, savings and education programs, they have formed common bonds, and have grown in resilience and in dignity.


"One thing that my past taught me is to give back to the community what I have learned. I always tell them: I was once in your shoes." - Semiti