World Challenge

Now would be a great time to arrange for the Nepal visa.

Instructions are available on the World Challenge website. Ensure you use Registered Post envelopes to send the passports back to your home address and another one to send it to the Embassy if you are posting it to the Embassy.


Teachers will be checking training logs early in the term if they were not checked last term. Check there are at least one and a half pages of signed entries otherwise you maybe at risk of not participating in the expedition.


World Challenge have just authorised a further US$59 for each student (as well as the US$50 already promised) as spending money for Nepal but have not notified MGSC of the spending money to be allocated for the one day in Thailand. As part of the kit, I suggest you include a T-shirt (like the World Challenge one) and either a pair of shorts or zip off pants to suit the warm weather in Bangkok at the start of the expedition.


Hint #18: Don't venture off by yourself anywhere overseas and never leave your belongings unsupervised. Ask a friend to look after them if you need to go to the toilet etc. Keep your passport and money in a waterproof pouch attached to you. Never leave it in an plane or bus pocket nor in your backpack. 


Mr Michael Warden

World Challenge Coordinator