The Mid-Autumn Festival 


Hello Everyone, 

Welcome to the Mid Autumn Festival. My name is Alice Jiashan Xu and I am from the ELC.

The Mid Autumn Festival is important because we celebrate autumn and the round, full moon with family. Today we celebrate with friends. I would like to congratulate Anita Lor for winning the Mid-Autumn festival competition. Thank you for coming along and now you may enjoy some moon cake.

Alice Xu (Year 10) 


Why it is important to celebrate various international cultural events at our College? 

Australians are known for their openness to multiculturalism. We are a society built by egalitarianism and mateship. When we celebrate cultural events, we are celebrating our progress as a nation and showing the world Australia’s pride. The events reinforce solidarity between Australians and reduce the social distance amongst each individual which in turn unites us. When we celebrate cultural diversity, we let others know that they are welcome and belong with us and are not forgotten. Celebrating cultural events is pivotal for one's sense of identity and encourages others to never be ashamed of who they are.

Anita Lor (Year 12) 

Working Bee - The Bridging Garden

Thank you to all the parents, staff and students who attended last term's working bee. Despite the horrible weather, the event was a success. We all worked together and created a neat garden bed for the students to commence planting.


Ms Ekaterina Xanthopoulos

EAL & ELC Coordinator