Parent and Student Survey

As part of our continuous improvement process, We wish to provide opportunities for parents (Pre-Prep to Year 12) and students (Years 6 to 12) to provide us with feedback relating to their views of the College across a wide range of areas.


The research is being conducted by MMG Education, a specialist education consultancy that works with schools in the areas of school strategic reviews and stakeholder satisfaction. MMG’s client schools include many schools across Australia.


Parents will be invited to complete questionnaires over a two week period commencing on Friday 20 May. Students will also complete their questionnaires during this period.


On Friday 20 May, MMG Education will email you an invitation to participate in the review and provide you with your confidential, secure access to your questionnaire.


To ensure confidentiality and to encourage frank and full expression of views:

  • All responses will be de-identified
  • The data will be reported back in aggregated form only
  • All data collected by MMG Education will remain under its control and archived according to research protocols. The College will not be able to access it

At the conclusion of the research period, MMG Education will provide the College with a report. We will then provide opportunities for members of the College community to receive feedback from the research.


If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact Kelley Musgrave - Marketing and Communications Manager at


We look forward very much to the valuable contribution you will be making to this important project by completing your questionnaire.