Grade 5/6

Around the Grade 5/6 Classrooms


This term we have been reading our class novel, Blueback. The students explored many aspects of the novel like themes, the setting, word choice, sentence structure and made connections. We identified themes associated with belonging, family and friendship. 

In writing this term students have written a creative narrative and have started looking at persuasive writing pieces. We read 'The Day the Crayons Quit' to help us with persuasive writing. Each crayon writes to Duncan as to why they are quitting, whether it was because they are overused or if they need to be used more. The students identified the point of view of each colour crayon and wrote their point of view if they had to choose one crayon to go in their box. We have used this as a baseline for forming arguments and being able to support them. 



This week we have started to look at Shape and Addition and Subtraction. In Shape, we are looking into 2D and 3D shapes and nets that help form our 3D shapes. The students are highly engaged in this unit as we are creating Easter baskets for our buddies using nets to form the shape for the basket. 

In Addition and Subtraction, the students are growing in confidence in every session with learning the methods to solve problems. It is amazing to see the light bulb moments happen when they start to get the hang of it and rise to the challenges set. 


Life Ed

Over the last couple of weeks the students participated in a Life Ed session with Healthy Harold and he came to visit the whole school on Monday. We were all so excited to see Harold again after a couple of years. 

The Grade 5/6 students engaged in a session called RELATE, RESPECT, CONNECT. The session explored building positive, safe and respectful relationships. It was empowering children and young people to make safe and healthier choices. Relate Respect Connect gave students knowledge, skills and strategies to help them develop safe and respectful relationships – face to face and online.


As part of our Inquiry unit this term, we have been looking at Government and Citizenship. We have explored the three levels of government, parliament, democracy, how to vote and our role in the community. With our knowledge we are combining this to form a 'Day of Power'. Students are broken up into groups where they plan a day of learning. This includes: Reading, Writing, Maths and Other (an activity of their choice). The students and teachers then vote for the group they believe to have put their best foot forward to run the day. This will be done like a ballot. The teachers will still be the Monarch who will oversee this day but the students are very excited and are busy coming up with their plans. Stay tuned for our results next week. 


Thank you everyone for your continued support, we really appreciate it. 

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