Principal's Panorama



Last night I was reflecting on Term 3... no that is a lie (smack the wrist Zoe).. I have been reflecting the entire term on each day, week and month.  I am constantly in awe how despite all of the setbacks and challenges we have faced as a community, Sacred Hearters just pick themselves up,  'roll up their sleeves' and literally say....


I am honoured to be a member of this school community. I am thankful that my staff (Teaching and Non Teaching) are flexible and willing learners who want the best for their students, I am blessed to have a strong leadership team (Julie and Tina K) and an amazing administration (Kasie).

I know that this school is more than one person, this school is a village.. I will say it over and over and over.... 'it takes a village to raise a child'.


YOU are part of our fabric, YOU make this school what it is, YOUR willingness to trust the process and trust the staff, YOUR connections with your children and their needs and the knowledge that partnership between the school and home is literally more valuable that gold. 


That is why this last day of Term 3 brings a mixture of sadness and relief. 

Of course we are grateful that the Term is over and that staff will now have time to spend with their own families and to take the time without students present to prepare for Term 4.  However we are sad that we only had part of our student cohort onsite for only a week that they are now heading off for two weeks.  I pray for our community's safety and good health over the break and pray that we will be onsite together in Term Four.


In light of recent cases in Albury and exposure sites in Beechworth and Wodonga, we will email out an onsite supervision form for Week One, Term Four as a just in case for all grades.

Please have a safe and calm holiday, look after yourselves and we will see you all (FINGERS CROSSED) back in Term Four.



As Term 4 draws to a close, we farewell another family from our community.  Aywen and the Urquhart family head to Thurgoona.   You will forever be part of the rich history of our school.  I would like to take this time to wish Aywen, Keelan, Fluer and Craig, Richard the best for their future move and the new lives they will be creating.  Please keep in touch and inform us of your future endeavours!