Specialists - PE 


The annual,


is fast approaching with much excitement and anticipation amongst the students and staff!  We cannot wait to see you all in your house colours, cheering on teammates and having a wonderful day at Llanberris Reserve. 

There are many ways you can prepare for our special sports day.  We have already been practising weekly at school during Phys Ed. but you could go the extra distance and add the final touches to your skills at home.  Here is a simple checklist of the events each year level are competing in, as well as some ideas to get your sports day COMPLETELY COOL COSTUME  organised and ready to ROCK!


Wear your house colours with PRIDE young people!  These are some bits and pieces you can add to create your own unique statement.

Ribbons, hair extensions (coloured), feathers, face paint, hair spray, headband, wristbands, jewellery, t-shirt, vest, hat, tie, board shorts, skirts, tutus, tights, superhero cape, socks and anything else you can find!  GO CRAZY!

Foundation/Year 1/Year 2

Sprinting: running technique and speed

High jump:  jumping and landing on your bottom

Long jump:  long leap, landing on two feet 

Hurdles:  leaping over small obstacles

Overarm throw (vortex and beanbag):  step forward, aim and one armed throw

Obstacle course:  small obstacles in a row focussing on leaping, concentration and skill

Year 3/Year 4/Year 5/Year 6

100m/200m sprinting:  running technique and speed

Long jump:  long leap, landing on two feet

Triple jump:  HOP, STEP, JUMP, landing on two feet

Shot put:  shot in fingertips, elbow raised, dirty neck, aim high

Discus:  hand on top, straight arm, aim high and two big swings


In other sporting news….


This Friday the 18th of March, 9/10/11/12 and 13 year old students who have put their name down to compete in cross country will have the opportunity to show off their endurance skills at this year’s school based race. Like last year, the course will be a 1km loop of the local Miners Rest park.   Eleven, twelve and thirteen year olds will be running first at approximately 9:10am and have three laps to run (3km). Nine and ten year olds will follow the older students at about 9:40am and they will complete two laps (2km).  There will be teachers present at every corner of the race but we are sure our students would love any parent supporters that wish to come along and cheer them on as they run hard to qualify for the next round of cross country racing later this year.  We look forward to seeing our fit, young athletes show us what they are made of!  


Grand slam heroes

Earlier this term we had a keen group of tennis players competing in the Head Primary School Tennis Competition for our Miners Rest Primary School tennis teams. The following students competed - Karinda, Holly, Lucas, Liam, Rock and Jake. Congratulations to all students who proudly represented our school at this tennis competition. Thank you to Claire Wallis who attended and supported our students at this event.