Teaching and Learning 

Learning Celebrations

Lots of great learning is happening every day across Miners Rest K-6!


To ensure that our families are keeping abreast of the achievements and learning that is occurring in classrooms, classes are sending home snapshots of learning every fortnight to provide information and initiate conversations at home about learning.


Our Foundation and Year 1/2 children will be using SeeSaw as the platform to share their learning. The Year 3-6 students are using Showbie to showcase their learning for families to see.


Unfortunately, we have experienced some unforeseen technical problems with Showbie, and we thank our families for their patience as we address these problems. 


All families will have received learning celebrations within the next fortnight and will continue to enjoy receiving regular fortnightly learning celebrations across the rest of the school year.


Please take the time to enjoy a conversation with your child and hear about the learning connected to the information you receive. Congratulate them and share in the pride they will have for their learning. 


If you are experiencing any difficulties accessing Showbie or SeeSaw, please speak your classroom teacher and support will be provided to enable access.