Student Well-being 

Wellbeing in the Corpus Christi Community

Year 5/6 Community


The Year 5/6 Community has been focusing on fostering a positive classroom environment through the development of our growth mindset. We have explored various areas such as positive self-talk, the use of calming strategies when we feel emotional and how we can use our peers for help and support. We came up with a list of conversation starters for when we need to ask for help, and it’s been great to see students using them when they need help. 


Some examples include:

Do you mind giving me a lending hand?

I’m not feeling the best. Can I speak to you?

I’m having a bit of trouble.  Can you help me out?


In the past few weeks, we have also started a ‘Positive Growth Tree’ to encourage and recognise students who have demonstrated a positive attitude inside and outside the classroom. The idea is that when students observe a peer or themselves showing a growth mindset, they record it onto a leaf and add it to the tree. We’ve already got a few leaves growing! Check them out in the photos below!


Students have also been enjoying circle time during our Wellbeing sessions. Circle time helps students develop positive relationships in the classroom whilst exploring a range of wellbeing topics. We will continue to explore more topics such as growth mindset, resilience, and acceptance through these circle time sessions.

Growth Mindset for Kids

Simply put, a growth mindset is believing that your brain can grow and you can learn many new things. You are not born smart; you become smart. A fixed mindset is quite the opposite. It is believing that you cannot learn new things.


Instilling principles of a growth mindset in your child from a young age can set them up for a life of success by encouraging him or her to:

  • Take risks.
  • Welcome new experiences.
  • Enjoy the process and understand the value of learning.
  • Face challenges with a positive attitude.
  • Work hard.
  • Learn from his or her mistakes.

Whenever you feel as though your child is displaying the characteristics of having a 'Fixed Mindset,' ask them the simple question...


How can we have a growth mindset about this?


Mojo learns about a Growth Mindset

The Growth Mindset Song - I HAVE A GO!

Lauren Borg

Student Well-being Leader