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A View Into Our Calm Classrooms

Dear Parents and Carers,


Our Stage 2 students are learning to plan, draft, compose, edit and publish a well-structured imaginative text as part of our daily uninterrupted Whole School Literacy Block.


During the Shared Reading component of our Whole School Literacy Block, we use the language “Teacher does, and students help”. Students learn to consolidate their thinking and understanding to analyse and critique a great piece of writing with the support of a skilled, helpful teacher. 

As part of our whole school's meaningful assessment of students' reading, at St Joseph’s, our teachers work one on one with students to explicitly assess students' instructional reading levels using unseen, meaningful books. This is called PM Benchmarking.


Warm Regards,


Mrs Elise Baird

Assistant Principal/Leader of Pedagogy


In Kindergarten, students have been learning about Living and Non-Living things in our environment as part of our Science unit. In class, we conducted an experiment with bean seeds and discussed what living things need to survive. After the bean seeds started sprouting in our classroom with some water and sunlight, we then planted them in our school vegetable garden to watch them grow. 


Mrs Teagan Lucero

Leader of Learning (Kindergarten)


Last week, Stage 1 invited Kindergarten to our classroom to celebrate their first Big Write. Stage 1 students read their persuasive texts to Kindergarten students and then supported the Kindergarten students in reading their recounts. Stage 1 enjoyed giving positive feedback to their peers. 


Mrs Brooke Woodhill & Miss Alice Woodhill

Leaders of Learning (Stage 1)