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Library News

The year has kicked off to a busy start for the library, which has loaned 1293 books so far this school year. Year 7 students in particular have been excited to receive library bags and borrow for the first time from our collection of over 22 000 books.


Library staff collaborate with year 7, 8 & 9 English teachers to facilitate the Wide Reading Program. Library staff promote new and recommended books to build excitement about reading and engage students. THS Library staff have a strong knowledge of young adult literature and are experts at matching students with books that suit their interests and reading level. In Wide Reading classes, the librarians provide individualised help to students by assisting them to find books that interest them.

Working Parts Gallery

Our wonderful Working Parts Gallery participants attended their first excursion to the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art this week. The group spent the afternoon engaging with ACCA's current exhibition, 'Feedback Loops' They were fortunate enough to be given a tour of this immersive and interactive exhibition by Curator Miriam Kelly. We can't wait to see what our students create in response to this incredible exhibition! 


Green Team: Students Declare

On the afternoon of Friday 14th of February, eight Thornbury High students from the Green Team attended the Students Declare workshop in the city as part of the Sustainable Living Festival. The aim of this workshop was to discuss the urgent need for schools across the state to declare a national climate emergency.


THS students showed fantastic leadership and team work as they worked with each other as well as students from other schools. They workshopped and brainstormed ideas for how we can be better address the climate emergency and what we as a school community could be doing to respond and adapt to the future. They plan to use what they learnt, take it back to the rest of the Green Team and hopefully enact some of their ideas this year. Stay tuned!


Odd Spot

These Year 7 students were spotted making excellent use of the Technology Workshop deck - a banquet complete with home-baking!