NEW Opening Hours 

Senior Library:

Monday to Friday: (for students in Years 5-12 only) 8.30pm to 4:30pm

(for students in Year 4) 8.30am to 3.45pm


Junior Library: 

Students may borrow books after school if they bring a book bag and return the books they have finished reading. Please see staff in the Senior Library for access and loans.

    Celebrating Book Week – Remotely 


The theme of book week this year was Old worlds, New Worlds, Other worlds. When we discussed the idea of book week beforehand we decided that Other Worlds could also mean Our World. 


How did we celebrate this while doing remote learning? The library ran two inaugural Match the Favourite book to the Staff Member competitions, one for primary and one for secondary. Staff and students could enter. 


I asked staff members to nominate one of their favourite books and then everyone needed to match the book to the staff member. It was fun to run the competition and I heard that people had fun (and a bit of difficulty deciding!) entering it. I now have a list of recommendations for future books to read too. 

The winner of the Secondary competition was Aimee Crotty (Year 12) and the winner of the Primary one was Mrs Lepileo. Their prize is to choose a book from Koorong. Congratulations!


Year 7 Students are pictured below in their online reading periods held during the Book Week.


Lunch Time Story Times

During Book Week, Library staff also conducted Lunch Story times each day. Some of the shortlisted Picture Story books were presented to interested students from Prep to Year 6. These were very well attended.


Three of these books were Honour winners in this year’s Children’s Book of the Year award- Anemone is not the enemy by Anna McGregor, Not cute by Philip Bunting and Your birthday was the best!  by Felicita Sala.



Due to popular request, library staff continued the lunchtime stories for the rest of this term. These were held each Wednesday and Thursday from 1.15 pm – 1.30pm. The students attending enjoyed the books being read. A special thank you must also go to Mrs. Sires and Mrs Hendricks who also helped library staff with this.

Need resources while the school library is closed?

 For those students who are looking for more books to read or who need to use resources to complete their assignments, the Library Homepage on the hub has details of libraries that offer memberships. 


These allow students to borrow ebooks, audiobooks and access databases and newspapers from home, using their library card details. Parents will need to enrol their children. To see what the libraries have to offer, please click on the library logo. Membership is free and students do not need to live in the council area to join.

Famous authors born in September


Andy Griffiths

Born September 3rd, 1961. His best-known work is the Treehouse series. Find out more about him at 

Kate Douglas Wiggin

Born September 28th, 1856. She is the author of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. Find out more about her at 

Lynne Marks, Anita Little, Wai Peng Heath

Library Staff