Round the classes 

Reception / Year 1: Mrs Measday 

We have continued our learning about what community means to us. Ms. Tasker has shown us maps of different communities and we have built our own community using paper houses and blocks. To do this we collaborated as a class and built the community in the middle of the floor including bakeries, cafes and houses. Then we worked with a partner and built a mini community on large cards and then put them all together to “build” a bigger town. This helped us to start to understand how communities grow and the services they may have.


Reception / Year 1: Katie

Over the past two weeks we have been learning about 2 dimensional shapes and this week we are starting to explore 3 dimensional shapes. In literacy we have been reading the story called The Greedy Bee, where we have been learning some new vocabulary words. As part of Geography we have been learning about mapping and last week we started looking at a map of Australia. 

We have also loved working with the kindy over the past few weeks, 


Year 2/3 classes: Stephen and Kelly

The year 2/3 classes have been learning about the Five Point Scale for self-regulation as part of Health.  The students found the task a challenge, having to think about how they feel at each point of the scale.  The students also did lots of collaborative learning to design their scales using a range of iPad apps.


Year 4/5: Lizzie

This week our choir went off to the Entertainment Centre for the Primary Schools' Festival of Music performance. It was an amazing day and evening, with 1300 children on stage to sing and perform. Well done Uraidla Primary Choir.

Senior class: Sallie

We have finished our final assessment piece for persuasive writing and the difference from our first attempt to this one is AMAZING. Students worked towards their own goals which made a real difference to their writing pieces.  For our information/report writing we watched a clip from BTN about migrants and refugees (relevant to what is happening in Afghanistan ...a lively discussion took place) and related this to our HASS topic in respect to Vietnamese refugees. In maths we have started a unit of work on measurement. Lots of testing this week.  Next week we have Lightning Carnival, Readers Cup performance night and we are running a mini Olympics for the reception/year ones while everyone else is on camp.  



Last week I was lucky enough to represent our district in SAPSASA Soccer.  My team and I went to West Beach and played different teams from all around SA. We played 8 games over three days. We won 3 games, drew 2 and lost 3. My team and I had so much fun and kicked a lot of awesome goals. When I first got there I knew no one but by Wednesday I had made so many new friends. 

By Lachlan


Science: Zac

The last few weeks in science have been very hands-on for all classes. We’ve spent some time out in the sun launching our bottle rockets for the R-3 students and our 2/3 classes have also looked at sun dials. The 4-7 students were challenged with the task of creating a parachute from selected materials to allow an egg to be dropped from a set height without cracking (some were more successful than others!). 


P/E: Zac

PE for our R-3 students has continued on with the Tri Skills gymnastic program. They’ve had a great time with Meegan from Tri Skills coming along to teach them a range of movements, using trampolines, mats, beans, bars and more! The 4-7s finished their last lesson of Netball where we were able to run matches umpired by a number of students who were confident in their understanding on the game. All games were played in good spirit and it was terrific to see all involved and for some, learning a new game. 


Indonesian: Ibu Susan 

This week the younger students have been completing tasks to show their understanding of all the words we have looked at this term. They have done a fabulous job! The older children have added some extra words to their conversations about where they are going. They are also finishing off their Quiz Quests and learning lots about Indonesia!


Gardening: Jo

The gardening group had fun dressing up in a special bee keeping suit.  It was a bit too large but they could see how well protected they’d be if they were collecting honey. 

Then off to the garden beds to plant sun flower seeds. They turned the soil until it was light and fluffy, made 2cm trenches and spaced out the sunflower seeds before covering and watering. We are hoping they will look bright and sunny in our school garden.