A Message from David...

A Tour Through Seesaw

I am continuously amazed at the creativity of our staff and students and the commitment to the learning and wellbeing programs through remote learning. I would like to share some of the great work that has been happening over the past few weeks:


2/3 Camp to Phillip Island

The 2/3 students have had a wonderful (virtual) camp to Phillip Island this week. They have set up their campsites, listened to stories around the fire, made damper and ice-cream, played virtual games together, danced away at the disco, had a talent show and visited the Penguin Parade! It has been a highly engaging and exciting week for our students and a much-needed break from the usual routines. A huge thank you to all the staff that put this together and to the families for embracing the idea and making it so much fun for the kids.

Specialist Program

Our Specialist program has continued through remote learning and the students have been doing some wonderful work. Here is a selection of activities that show some of the great things that have been happening:



Minha: Freeze Game

Zoe: GoNoodle Choice board

Charlotte: Froggy Coach

Matilda: Olympic family challenge

Lachlan: Basketball shooting

Georgia: soccer goal kicking

Nemanja: basketball dribbling

Ainslie: daily PE activity


Raakin: soccer foot skills



















Book Week

We have enjoyed celebrating Book Week where students have engaged with a range of activities to celebrate all things books. You can see some of the activities that have occurred across the school here:

I would once again like to thank all the staff and parents for their continued support to make the remote learning program so engaging and effective. We know that we are all going through some challenging circumstances at the moment and the way that we all rally around our kids is nothing sort of amazing. Well done and thanks!

Parent Survey

A reminder that the Parent/Caregiver/Guardian Opinion Survey was sent out last week. The link and details was sent to the email address that was given for 'Person A' on your child's enrolment form. If you have not received the email please contact Jen (9360 0777 jen.armstead@education.vic.gov.au).


We have opened the survey to all families at Altona Green and we want to hear from as many people as possible. Please take the time to complete the survey by Friday 3rd September as this information is really important for decision-making when planning school improvement.

Premiers' Reading Challenge


A reminder that this great challenge is continuing until the 17th September.  We encourage you all to log in and spend some one on one time with your child reading.  Some of the books, you will probably have at home, otherwise, you may be able to access them digitally. A list of books for the challenge is also on the above website. Happy Reading


Initial NAPLAN data was released this week and we have been informed that so far the state-wide data is enormously encouraging.  This data was always going to be an interesting piece in understanding the impacts that remote learning has had on the academic achievement of our students and to hear that the data indicates positive outcomes is a tremendous testament to the hard work and perseverance of parents/carers and school staff across Victoria. 


The Department of Education has published some of the initial highlights from the data. We will have access to school-level data next week and we look forward to unpacking the data and using it for continued school improvement. Parents and carers of students in Years 3 & 5 will receive their child's report in the near future.

Wellbeing Resources

Supporting Children's Mental Health

The Royal Children's Hospital recently hosted a Supporting Children's Mental Health webinar. It is filled with common questions about topics such as supporting children with remote learning, anxiety and technology use. The hosts provide lots of great ideas and information which will hopefully support you during this challenging time.


Services and support for students and their families (re-post from Compass):

Headspace has created a video providing tips to support parents and carers during lockdown and are running webinars for parents and carers about offering support when they are concerned about a young person’s mental health. 


Wellbeing activities and conversation starters are available for parents of primary school-aged children and parents of secondary school-aged children.


Quick Guide to Student Mental Health and Wellbeing resources is available for students, parents and carers looking to access expert guidance and resources to support wellbeing. Supporting the mental health and wellbeing of our students remains our priority this year, especially during the continued COVID-19 pandemic and while students are learning from home during the current circuit breaker restrictions. For students, the guide includes resources to support their own mental health and wellbeing.

The guide also includes resources and supports for parents and carers to help them build their child’s physical and mental health and wellbeing. This includes:

Wellbeing guidance for parents and carers is also available:




Have a great weekend and C'MON DEES!!!,