Engagement and Wellbeing

Belong Enterprises

We had the privilege to meet Anita Smith who is the director and owner of Belong Enterprises.  Belong Enterprises is a company that offers school holidays programs for students with special needs.  Anita is the parent of a teenager with Cerebral Palsy and a mild intellectually disability and therefore understands how important friendships and social opportunities are for all children with special needs.  Belmore School and Anita will collaborate and offer an information session in term 4 to talk about summer school holidays program for Belmore Students.   If you would like more information please feel free to call Anita on 03 9846 5459 or contact via email team@belong.enterprises

Farewell and Recruitment

At the end of this term we farewell our Occupational Therapist Candice Bruns who accepted other employment opportunity.  On behalf of the school management, I would like thank Candice for her commitment and work that she provided to both primary and secondary students.  We wish Candice all the very best on her new role and future endeavours.

Recruitment is currently underway and we are conducting interviews tomorrow Friday to fill in few vacant positions.  Pending on the recruitment’s outcome, I look forward to introducing our new members of the therapy team next term.

Mind Matters

Recently I attended Mind Matters forum.  Mind Matters is an initiative funded by Department of Education to be implemented at all government schools.  Mind Matters is a mental health initiative that aims to improve the mental health and wellbeing of young people.  It is a framework that provides structure, guidance and professional learning to all school staff to support the overall wellbeing of all students.   Next term, I will offer an in-house PD session to our staff and share the information and key messages that I learn at that forum.


I am pleased to inform you that Belmore School welcomes two new volunteers.  James Chan, a university student studying commerce started two weeks ago and is supporting our students every Friday.  James is a past volunteer, some 4 years ago, who felt he would like to return to Belmore School and offer his generous time and support.   Puteri Abdul-Razak, who is currently completing a certificate IV in Education Support course, will commence her volunteering work in term 4.

Enjoy the term break

Finally, I would like to wish you all a happy school holidays and I look forward to seeing all students back at the school refreshed and rested on Monday 8th of October.


Thank you…

Anet Elbaz