In the specialist areas

It has been a wonderful year in all of the Specialist subjects seeing students thriving in the different areas and we are very thankful this term to have the new addition of the STEM program. Each subject continues to incorporate technology into their classes in many different ways.



In Physical Education this term, technology has been integrated into the classroom through displaying the Learning Intention and Success Criteria up on the big screen in the Blue Hall and showing video clips of different sporting examples to assist students in learning new games such as Tchoukball.


Last term on Sports Day Tammy the Timekeeper utilised an app called Sprint Timer Photo Finish for all running events which enabled those on the finish line to double check any close calls in the sprinting events.



How is digital technology used in the Visual Arts classroom? 

  • We use online content to explore the work of artists from all over the world
  • We view online clips to learn about and explore different art techniques and skills
  • We photograph our artwork and share it with families through the newsletter and other online platforms.
  • In Year 3-6 we use iPads to photograph our work and upload to Showbie.  This gives us the opportunity to explore and record our progress as an artist over the year. We also record our thoughts, wonderings and reflections about our own artworks and that of others.
  • We use photo editing tools to create new digital artworks from photographs we have taken of our art.


In STEM, students will be using digital technologies in a variety of ways. This will include recording their progress, building their understanding of coding, as well as filming and editing. This week we have been using our iPads to look at paper plane designs, using the ABC Kids app. This has allowed students to follow a step-by-step process and investigate which paper plane designs work the best! STEM brings many exciting opportunities and digital technologies will play an integral part along the way.