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The students in Coding have been having a lot of fun with the LEGO Mindstorms education kits. They have been piecing together the LEGO transformers - Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee, Jazz, Trypyicon, Thrust and Megatron. They were busy at work exploring the default programs that came with each Robot as well as creating their own programs using CAD software by LEGO. Hours went into building and programming these incredibly powerful Robots. 

The students had the opportunity to video their Robot in action, performing sounds and movements.


"Amazing" quoted Thica, "it was my first time using these materials and software and the robot worked!"


"LEGO Mindstorms are powerful" quoted Hamza.

The students can't wait to get onto bigger and even grander Robotics in the coming future! 

Watch this space.


Ms Helen Ifandis

Year 10 Coordinator & Arts Coordinator