Middle School Report

Message from the 

Director of  Learning - 

Mr Tom Tahos

As we approach the middle of Term 2, it is the perfect time to take on board all the strengths and areas of improvement that has been communicated to you via your interim report and at the parent-teacher interviews. 


It is vital we keep focusing on what matters most, which is, continual improvement.


If we continue to maintain our wonderful, supportive and safe environment, as well as striving for the best outcomes, and placing high expectations on everything we do, the results will follow.


We have a ‘Westall Way’ behaviour and learning plan that helps us focus on the right things.

That is:

  • Come to school prepared - homework completed, in full uniform, with all your class materials and your devices fully charged.
  • Come to school on time - this includes getting to every class on time.
  • Come to school ready to learn - going to class with a mindset ready to explore and ask questions, and attempting all set tasks.

Guess what? 



As a middle school, we are proud of everyone’s efforts to date, with uniform, attendance and classwork. Keep up the wonderful work!

Year 10 Study Skills Workshops


All Year 10 students have had two workshops focusing on strategies that students can use to support their learning. The focus of the two workshops was study skills and time management.


External consultants worked with our students, providing them with evidence-based strategies, that when applied, will support students in achieving top marks in their chosen field of study. 


Westall Way - Middle School Rewards System

Congratulations to the following Year 9 and 10 students who are currently leading the Middle School rewards points program.


These students have been acknowledged for their wonderful contributions to their studies and to the wider Westall community.  They have supported their teachers and peers in various ways.


Great effort!!

Year 9 Year 10 
Mark Li186Monineath Seang155
Jordan Khauv184Niza Yong147
Zoi Spilliopoulou172Joe Bonnyjose141
Vihara Ariyawansa171Thida Sok119
Elaiza Pagalagi-Sundar167Jasmine Say119
Janeeta Nasim166Alexandros Balatas-Kartsiounis 116

Upcoming Events

Year 9 Careers Insight/Morrisby Interviews

  • Year 9 students that completed their online careers insight assessment program will now have a one on one interview with the Department of Education Careers specialists. At this interview, students will have a conversation about their results/report and about future pathways and careers.

Middle School ‘Growth and Discovery’ Work Experience Program

  • Year 9 students will be involved in a 3-day community volunteering program.
  • This will run from Monday 7th to Wednesday 9th June.
  • Year 10 students will be involved in a 5-day careers/job-focused work experience week.
  • This will run from Monday 7th to Friday 11th June.

Mr Tom Tahos

Director of Learning - Middle School

VCES Bioinformatics Video Conference with GTAC

On Friday 26th March, 16 Year 10 students were nominated to participate in a GTAC workshop based on investigating the spread of diseases between different species through video. Students were able to analyse DNA, amino acids, protein structure, and determine the risk of infection from animals to humans. Students were exposed to biological content that is in both Year 12 biology and university genetics! Students also experienced using genetic databases used by scientists worldwide. The students were able to analyse the coronavirus spike protein and compared the differences of amino acid sequences between humans, monkeys, cat, and chicken. Students found it to be interesting and informative. Hopefully, this has ignited a passion for future medical discoveries. 


Ms Loan Luong-Nguyen and Mr Jeffrey Pham

Learning Specialist: Numeracy & STEM/Maths & Science Teacher

iCreate STEM - Working with Engineers Without Borders!


On the first 2 Wednesdays of Term 2, we have been lucky to have engineering students from Monash, who are part of the group, Engineers Without Borders. They set challenges for our students based on humanitarian issues such as clean filtering drinking water and floating houses. Students were given a country and had set resources to work with. It was fantastic to see them engage with the engineers and work in teams to discuss the issues and ideas involved in making a device for those issues. We can’t wait for them to come back on the last two Wednesdays of Term 2! 


Ms Loan Luong-Nguyen

Learning Specialist: Numeracy & STEM