Year 5/6



In Term 1, for Reading, students in Grade 5/6 learned about our agreed expectations when reading during the ‘first twenty days of 


reading’. They learned how to use their reading journal, how to select just right texts, establish a neat and orderly classroom library, and use a book borrowing system. After the ‘First 20 Days of Reading’ students dedicated time to learn a range of comprehension strategies that can support them in their reading. At the Grade 5/6 level, the focus was synthesising various comprehension strategies and understanding Tier 2 vocabulary when extracting meaning from complex novels. The comprehension strategies that students learned to synthesise included the following: making connections, inferring, determining importance, text structure and features, and visualising. Our students learned to apply these strategies to our class novel, Auggie and Me. Students were also part of a 1:1 teacher/student conference schedule where they all collectively set personal reading goals with their teachers.




During our Writing unit this term, students set up their Writer’s 


Notebook with an understanding of the importance of generating ideas as a key aspect of the writing cycle. This was built upon through an explicit 


focus on ‘the process writer’s go through’ when creating texts - generating ideas, planning, drafting, revising, editing and publishing. The major 


text-type for this term was persuasive writing, where students developed their understanding of persuasive language and techniques. Students then created their own persuasive texts that included arguments with supporting facts and persuasive techniques including a focus on language.




Term 1, Mathematics, involved Grade 5/6 mathematicians revising our school’s problem-solving process. The process involved 


students using strategies to read and understand what a ‘word problem’ was asking them to do. They then planned out an appropriate strategy to 


use before solving and checking their solution. As part of this process, students learned about a range of problem-solving strategies that they can use to solve problems at 


the Grade 5/6 level. These strategies included the following: drawing a diagram, using Maths materials, working backwards, and solving a simpler problem. Students spent the majority of this term investigating Base 10 numeration, with a focus on decimal fractions and their relationship to our Base 10 system using both hands on and digital technologies. Students learned to apply their knowledge of the four operations and our school’s problem-solving process in solving a range of Base 10-related problems, with numbers up to the millions. 




It has been a busy term for grades 5/6. We started straight into our learning from the first week as we reviewed our school expectations and behaviours with MWPS learning to learn program. From there we have explored a variety of topics related to Health and our changing body’s requirements, through online research, videos, readings and discussions. We have learnt how much sleep we need for the various stages of life (9 to 11 hours for all school aged children!), how to read and understand food labels so we know how much sugar and preservatives are in packaged goods and to make healthier choices. One of the highlights was when students worked together to create advertisements for personal hygiene, either as a poster (pictured below), video or video trailer. There was a lot of creativity, collaboration and fun demonstrated! Now we have finished our topic and will be working on presenting what we have learned, through making an information video, talk show format, Powerpoint, written essay or poster. The variety of choices are to engage students and allow them to choose a format that they feel the most confident with.






The Grade 5/6 teachers are all very proud of all of your efforts and hard work. We wish you a safe and happy holiday break! See you all in Term 2!





Grade 5/6 students have had a great start to the term personalising their art journals using a ‘collage’ technique; which is simply tearing pictures, words and ideas from magazines to create an ‘All about me’ personalised art folio cover. They have also designed the front page of their art journals that they use for sketching and creating ideas. 

The main focus of term 1 has been about colour theory for all year levels. Grade 5/6 students have revised their knowledge of primary colours and how they create secondary colours. This knowledge is important to consolidate at a grade 5/6 level, to understand the basic order of the colour wheel and to be able to identify colour opposites and the role they play in understanding how colours work together. The students created wonderful abstract artworks that were inspired by Picasso, this really took them out of their comfort zone. They then explored the colour shades that occur between the primary and secondary colours called “Tertiary colours” such as ‘Bluey green or teal’, to gain understanding of how these shades merge and blend into the next colour on the wheel. The 56’s are now working with the complementary or ‘opposite colours, inspired by American artist Keith Haring. In their artwork they need to demonstrate how these colours enhance and contrast their designs. The 5/6 students have had a fantastic term in art and have adopted many techniques, including use of paint, chalk, sharpies and crayon to create amazing designs this term. It has been great having the art space again, which has given the students the freedom to explore and create. I look forward to more fun in the art room in Term 2.





Thank you for a fantastic start to the year! In term one, the grade fives and sixes learned basic language skills in the Chinese Mandarin language, including listening and speaking, recognising sounds and pronunciation, as well as Chinese character writing. They will learn about some Chinese cultures such as the Chinese New Year celebrations and traditions, like red envelopes lanterns and good luck symbols. We will also be learning Chinese vocabulary and phrases about bodies. Throughout the term, the students will be 


involved in various activities such as using chopsticks and learning to sing Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in Chinese. They will also explore stories of legend such as the race of the Chinese zodiac animals.



Fantastic work Grade 5&6 cohorts this term not only in Physical Education, but leading sporting events for the school, starting lunch time equipment borrowing and participating in interschool sports – you have all been great! In term 1 we were able to effectively play many different games each week and work together as a class as the term went on. We were introduced to many games from cricket, to tennis and to European Handball to name a few. Students were able to use the associated skills with each game to the best of their ability and work collaboratively to help out their classmates in this. Fantastic work grade 5&6 I am really looking forward to our athletics component next term!





It has been a busy but exciting term 1 in STEM. This term, the grade 5/6’s have explored the harmful and beneficial elements of micro-organisms. The students have completed experiments related to yeast and the bread making process as well as researching the father of microbiology Anton van Leeuwenhoek. The have also learnt that mould can be detrimental to your health yet, some strains are used in the production of many types of cheeses such as blue vein, and gorgonzola. As our Easter break is fast approaching, enjoy the break and see everyone in term 2.