Reading-  At the start of this term, students engaged in the 20 first days of reading, setting up their classroom libraries and learning different aspects of a reading lesson and the expectations. Throughout the term students have engaged in class discussions, read alouds, turn and talk and oral language experiences to support and extend their beginning reading behaviours. During this term,  students learnt the reading comprehension strategy of  previewing and predicting. Students learnt how to make a prediction before and during reading a text, using their prior knowledge to make connections. 

Writing-  At the start of this term, the prep students focused on the systems and routines that will build lifelong writers. Students were introduced to language and shared writing experiences, with a focus on developing students’ oral language and understating that writing is a method to communicate a message. Students were also introduced to the writing centers within their own classrooms which promotes active inquiry into how letters and words work. After the first 20 days of writing students then focused on providing a retell/recount of an event. During this time students learnt how to share a recount of an experience or story they had encountered. 


In Mathematics, this term prep students have engaged in the 100 days of school routine. This has included keeping track of each school day until students reach 100 days. Some ways of tracking the days include, using a 100 chart, counting icy pole sticks, marking a blank 100s frame and marking a calendar. We can’t wait until we reach 100 days of school! Students have learnt the structure  of a mathematics lesson and have had the chance to explore the materials on the math trolley and how to use them to help them learn and solve mathematical. problems. 

Throughout the term, students have learnt about three topics which included pattern, shape and counting. During the pattern topic students explored how to sort objects by different elements such as shape, colour or size. Students learnt how to make, copy, continue and explain which part of the pattern is repeated. During the shape unit, students identified simple shapes and how to sort them. During the counting unit, students learnt how to count each object once, know that  numbers are said in a particular order and how to count forwards and backward to and from 10. 


We have had an amazing start to Inquiry in Prep this Term. I have enjoyed getting to know all our new students. I have been so surprised and proud of how quickly they have settled into the different routines and so many new faces.

In Inquiry this Term, we began by studying people’s different facial expressions and matching these to different emotions. We continued this work by expanding our vocabulary for emotions and using different words other than happy and sad. We then began working on ‘The Red Beast’ and discussing what happens to our body when we get angry. The students then worked out strategies of what they can do to calm themselves down when their red beast is awakened. The students discussed their personal strengths and how we use these to form and nurture positive relationships. The students can describe the difference between a growth and fixed mindset and are beginning to demonstrate this in their learning. We finished the Term learning about healthy eating habits and how to be hygienic. 




We have had an excellent first term learning to use the beautiful new art room! It has been fantastic to see the Preps working so well together in familiarising themselves with the space, as well as a variety of art materials and techniques.

This term we have experimented with a range of materials to explore basic colour theory. We have learnt about the primary and secondary colours, and why we categorise them in this way. The Preps created their own unique pencil and marker drawings inspired by artist Alexander Calder’s use of the primary colours.

Following this, the students displayed great curiosity in mixing primary colours to create and name secondary and tertiary colours. We’ve had a lot of fun investigating what happens when you mix certain colours, using modelling clay, watercolour paints and acrylic paints to make colourful artworks! We will complete the term by looking at how we can play with light and colour, creating works of art with cellophane. Thank you for all of your enthusiasm and focused work this term Preps. I look forward to more exciting learning in Term 2!



Physical Education

During this term, Grade Preps have learned about the routines and 


expectations in the Gymnasium. They have demonstrated how to follow instructions when 


using equipment, moving safely around their peers, and the rules required to participate in activities. Students have experienced physically demonstrated skills such as running, jumping and hopping and completing obstacle courses 

to practise these. They have looked at the steps on how to run and jump correctly by exploring what the body needs to do to achieve proficiency, for example, looking straight ahead and bending at the knees when running. Grade Prep students will continue to learn gross motor skills by practising running, jumping, hopping, leaping and skipping. Well done on your hard work Grade Preps!  




Welcome to Term 1, Music, 2021! In Music, Grade Preps are learning about 


the routines and expectations of the music room. This includes using instruments safely and showing positive behaviours. The topic for this term is Sound. Students will get to explore making sounds with their voices and percussion instruments. They will learn the difference between speaking and singing including understanding pitch (high and low). Students will learn about tempo (fast and slow) and dynamics (loud and soft) when exploring with their voices and instruments. Grade Preps will be exposed to many songs including nursery rhymes to support their knowledge of sound. 




Throughout Term 1 the Preps have been introduced to the Biological Science strand of Science through learning 


about living and non-living things. Through scavenger hunts, cut and paste activities, 


songs and stories, students have been learning how to identify living and non-living things; along with what living things need to survive.  With a focus on what plants need to survive, the Preps are currently carrying out an exciting investigation; 

growing their own seeds by providing them with water, air and sunlight. The Preps will be practicing their observation and recording skills whilst we watch the seeds grow bigger! 

Our Biological Science strand will continue into the start of Term 2 where students will be learning all about our five senses through various activities, including nature walks. Well done for a wonderful first term in Science Grade Preps!