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The P&F have decided to change general meetings from monthly to once a term with each term meeting now being held on the Tuesday night of Week 4. Meetings will also start to include various information sessions that are of interest to our families including student well-being, tweens, teens and screens. We welcome any ideas on presentations that you would be interested in.



If you are interested in joining our awesome committee please see current positions becoming available below.

Given the inability to have events in the last year the majority of the committee have indicated that they are willing to stay on in their roles however we are currently seeking someone to fill the role of President.

With the structure of our meetings changing from monthly to once a term meetings, the work load is very manageable and the new President will have all the support of the existing committee as well as our outgoing President.

Feel free to reach out if you would like further information....




Further updates on upcoming events will be posted on our Facebook page and in school newsletters. We are looking forward to getting events back up and running in 2021.

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