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Easter Prayer

Easter Prayer:

Lord, the resurrection of Your Son

has given us new life and renewed hope. 

Help us to live as new people

in pursuit of the Christian ideal.

Grant us wisdom to know what we must do,

the will to want to do it,

the perseverance to continue to do it,

and the strength to complete it.


Holy Week 2021

Last Sunday, Palm Sunday, marks the start of Holy Week; the week that leads us to Easter Sunday. Please click on the following link to read about Holy Week. These are notes that were used at this week’s St Xavier’s School Assembly. 

2021 Sacramental Dates:

Confirmation - 9am, Sunday 20th June, 2021

First Eucharist - 8:30am, Sunday 6th June, 2021

First Reconciliation - 6pm, Thursday 9th September, 2021

Important Upcoming Dates

First Eucharist Parent Information Night: 

Thursday 29th April, 6pm, at St Joseph’s Church

Rite of Enrolment in First Eucharist Sacramental Program: 

Saturday 1st May (6pm) OR Sunday 2nd May (8:30am), at St Joseph’s Church

Recent Feast Days

Last Thursday, the 25th of March and also nine months from Christmas Day, was the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This Solemnity honours the day that Mary was visited by the angel, Gabriel, who informed her that she was going to be the mother of a boy, whom she should name ‘Jesus’. The angel went on to tell Mary how Jesus would be great, and that he would be known as the ‘Son of the Most High’. 

Almsgiving During Lent + Project Compassion

At the end of Week 8, Stage 3 held a sponge-throwing fundraiser on Top Field. The Yr 6 School Leaders showed their bravery, volunteering to be the targets for the rest of the school to aim at. And didn’t we all have fun! All up, $372 was raised for Caritas’ Project Compassion, which will be used to improve the living conditions of the impoverished all around the world.

I’d like to thank all the teachers and students who helped organise these events for providing such engaging ways to raise awareness of the plight of the impoverished around the world. I also want to extend my gratitude to all the families who sent their child(ren) to school with some money to participate in these activities and therefore help raise money for the people living in hardship.

2021 Project Compassion Lenten Mission Boxes

Back at the start of Lent, the eldest students from each family took home Mission Boxes to help collect donations throughout Lent. Since Lent finishes this week, some families have already sent their Mission Boxes back to the St Xavier’s Office in order to be forwarded to Caritas’ Project Compassion Appeal. If you still have your family’s Mission Box at home, can you please make arrangements to send it to school in Week 1, Term 2. We really appreciate the preferential option for the poor that you’ve been demonstrating throughout this year’s Project Compassion Lenten appeal.

Parish News

Here’s a link to the latest Parish Bulletin for the 28th March. In it, you will find information regarding Mass times for the Easter period.