Rite Journey

Year 9 Rite Journey


Last week, Monday through to Friday, the Year 9 students participated in their Calling and Departure ceremonies at Lesmurdie Falls lookout. These ceremonies are an important step in the establishment of our year long pastoral care programme, the Rite Journey. In these ceremonies, the boys were ‘called’ to consider the behaviours, thoughts and actions they wish to change so that they may start their journey towards healthy and respectful manhood. The boys will then ‘depart’ on this journey, and this journey involves our weekly Rite Journey sessions and regular challenges throughout the year.




I would like to thank the Year 9 Form Teachers (Mr Delaney, Mr Keogh, Mr King, Mr Pavlinovich and Mr Perrin), for their assistance in running the ceremonies during the week. I would also like to thank Mr Frank and Ms Budge for attending an evening to support the boys, and Mr Ronan and Mr Watson for their attendance throughout the week.


Mr Liam Mallon

Head of  Year 9