Literature Festival


This year, as part of the annual Mazenod Literature Festival, we had the pleasure of hosting six visiting authors at the College who shared their own experiences of life and writing. The Festival presentations and workshops took place over Monday and Tuesday and provided students with the valuable experience of hearing from real life authors.


David Whish-Wilson, author of The Coves, shared some interesting insights into the world of wild and adventurous Australians during the gold rush in San Francisco. He taught students some valuable skills in how to create suspenseful stories and craft crime narratives.


Estelle Blackburn shared the power that stories can have to change the lives of others. She spoke about crimes in the 1960s in Perth and how her quest for justice lead to freeing two innocent people imprisoned for crimes that they never committed.


Jon Doust, author of Boy on a Wire entertained students with his tales of boarding school and shared how we can gain inspiration for stories from everyday life. Author of The Valley and Bare Foot Kids, Steven Hawke, shared interesting stories from the Kimberley. In addition, crime series author, Felicity Young, worked with students in a crime writing workshop to help them with ways to create suspense and structure in their writing.


Holden Sheppard spoke candidly and powerfully about the importance of identity and the ways that stories helped him to make sense of the world. Holden ran a workshop with the Year 10 Extended students on ways they can use events from their own lives as an inspiration to create engaging and entertaining narratives.


It was an excellent opportunity for students to see where writing can take them. Thank you to the English Department for their great work in assisting with this whole College event!



Student Feedback

 What did you enjoy?

"I enjoyed seeing the different stories and listening to them, they were very intriguing and the authors were very friendly."


"The workshop with David Whish-Wilson was great and really interesting. I learnt so much from him on how to improve setting ."


"…being able to see were English can take you after school."


What did you learn?

 "That writing can have a powerful impact on society."


"Learning that writing has real impacts in the world and affects people's lives in a great way."


"That if you put your mind to something and devote yourself to making a difference, you can achieve anything."



Julia Farinaccio

Head of English