Faith and Mission

Morning Mass 

Weekday Masses begin at 8:00am in the College Chapel, however, Wednesday morning Masses begin at 8:10am. This coming Wednesday’s Mass is being hosted by the Young Vinnies Conference. Below is a table outlining this term’s Wednesday Masses. Everyone from the Mazenod community is extended a warm invitation to attend any of these weekday Masses.


Term One: Wednesday Masses


'Hands of Eugene' Making A Difference

Over the last three or four weeks a group of Year 12 students have been getting up early in the morning and quietly going about tutoring groups of primary age students. As part of the Hands of Eugene service program, between 10 to 12 Year 12 students have been offering their services at Mary’s Mount Primary School every Tuesday morning from 7:30 in the school library. The boys have mainly been tutoring the younger boys and girls in mathematics as well as listening to some of them read. The program has proven a hit with Mary’s Mount with between 20 to 30 of their students turning up for tutoring each week.



Project Compassion

Students are asked to give generously to the Project Compassion box that is in their Forms and support Caritas Australia this Lenten season themed “Give Lent 100%”.


As Pope Francis said, “The future does have a name… and its name is hope.”


Through your generosity during Project Compassion this year, you are empowering communities with hope and helping those in great need to shape a better future for themselves, their families and their communities. 


Peter's Story


"Sixteen-year-old Peter goes to a boarding school in the Solomon Islands which has experienced water shortages for 60 years. Previously students would have to walk kilometres each day in search of clean water. This was particularly challenging for Peter who is living with a disability.

Peter’s mother left the family when he was little and has since passed away. His father decided to move from northern Malaita to Honiara, to better provide for his family. He arranged for Peter to stay with his aunt, then attend Aligegeo Secondary School.


Groundwater sources at the school have dried up and rainfall is unpredictable. Water in surrounding wells often made students sick or gave them rashes. Caritas Australia, and partners Caritas Solomon Islands (CASI) and the Solomon Islands Government Rural Water Sanitation and Hygiene division (RWASH), have teamed up with the school to tackle the problem."


Lives change when we all give 100%. 

You can donate through Form boxes or by visiting:

 Caritas - Project Compassion

or phoning 1800 024 413

Sunday’s Gospel Luke 13:1-9

Jesus, Our Compassionate Gardener


We may be unfamiliar with fig trees, but we might know about the growth of spring flowers. Perhaps we have looked at a dry, brown flower bulb and wondered how this produces the colourful tulip or daffodil blossom that we expect to bloom in the spring. Perhaps we've even thought about the patience and hope required to plant flower bulbs in April. We don't have to be gardeners, however, to know about patience and hopefulness.


As parents, we practice these virtues each day with our children. We may become frustrated and even angered by their wilfulness and lack of cooperation, yet we continue to offer our attention and guidance in hope that one day our efforts will bear fruit. Today's parable suggests that God is like that with us, working with us in patience and in hope that one day we will show evidence that such work is not in vain. As parents, we know God's kindness when we find evidence for our hope in our children. Does God find such glimmers of hope as he works with us?

Mazenod College KeepCups

The College is proud to launch their very own KeepCups for you to purchase. This initiative was developed by the Sustainability & Environment portfolio of the College and Campus ministry.

As part of promoting KeepCups to the College, the Young Vinnies will give 30% off the price of hot chocolates when a student purchases a hot chocolate with their KeepCup.

($1 instead of the usual $1.50).


Part of the proceeds of the sale will also go to Oblate missionary work in India, Sri Lanka and China.

KeepCup is the world’s first barista standard reusable cup. Purchasing a KeepCup for students is a practical and easy way to reduce waste and carbon emissions.

Takeaway coffee cups are lined on the inside with a plastic film, making them notoriously difficult to recycle. And most never even make it there no matter what bin you put them in because recycling streams are usually contaminated by supposedly ‘compostable’ or ‘biodegradable’ cups and lids that never actually compost or biodegrade because most places don’t have the infrastructure to do it.


Pope Francis, inspires and challenges us: “Each of us also has a responsibility for others and for the future of our planet”

Follow this link: 

Buy a KeepCup Now


Damian Wallis

Director of Faith and Mission