Student Reports

Year 1 Class Report

In Year 1 we have been learning all about our bodies and how they change over time.

Here are some pictures we drew of our bodies and the ways we have changed.


In Year 1 we have been learning all about our bodies and how they change over time.

Here are some pictures we drew of our bodies and the ways we have changed.




Kanga Cricket Carnival

On  27/10/17, the Year 3’s and 4’s participated in the Gala Cricket Day.  We got to school at 8:25am and got on the bus to Basil Reserve.  It took a long time on the bus but the day was worth it.  

When we got there we walked over to our first game.  Each team played around 5 games.  Everyone had a batting partner and everyone got a chance to bat, bowl, field and wicket keep.  We had short breaks to have a drink and a snack between each game.  

We all had so much fun, everyone tried their best.  

A big thank you to Mr Tobin who made this day possible.



On Friday the 27th of October Grade Threes and Fours participated in a cricket day. Galilee played against other Catholic schools. Everybody was excited but we had a long day ahead of us.

We were split into teams with parent helpers coaching the teams. Team names were determined by the last name of parents coaching the teams. Teams had one captain a game. The captain of the team had to arrange the field.

I think that every team played 4 games and had one bye. Each player bowled one over and was wicket keeper for one over. Everybody got a fair go and went home happy.

Thank you to all the parent helpers who coached the teams and to Mr Tobin for organising the day. I can’t wait till next year!

By Jack E.

On Friday 27th October, most of the Year 3 & 4 students went to East Malvern to play in the Kanga Cricket Carnival.

We went on the bus to the oval where we would be playing and the weather was just right for cricket. My team included Charlie, Dylan, Jaxson, Jordan A, Patrick C, Peter, Marco, Angus and I. After watching a demo game we then went to our oval to play our first match.

First Game: Galilee vs St. Joan of Arc.

Our team won the toss and chose to bowl first.  We had a close match against St. Joan of Arc with some good bowling and batting from both teams but in the end St. Joan of Arc won.

Second Game: Galilee vs xxx (Do not know team name)

Our team won the toss again and chose to bowl first. Our first few overs were really good getting some wickets and we kept their team to a low score. Our team batted well to get our first win of the day! The scores were 103-127.

Third Game: Galilee vs St. Patricks.

Our team won the toss again (that’s three!) and chose to bowl first. This game was really close right down to the wickets but in the end St. Patricks won by four runs. The scores were 134-138.

Fourth Game: Galilee vs St. Marys.

We won the toss again (that’s four!) and chose to bowl first. Our bowling was quite good and we were close but just missed the score and lost. The scores were 120-136, another close match.

Fifth Game: Galilee vs St. Finbars

We won the toss again (yep, that’s five in a row!) and chose to bat first. We did really well at batting and scored well. Our bowling also went well, and in the last few overs we got a few wickets which won us our second game! The scores were 106-89.

Overall we all had a great day and everyone played really well and we all can’t wait to play again next year!


By Alex C.


On Friday the 27th, our very own Galilee 3s and 4s participated in a cricket tournament at Darling Park, Basil Reserve.


With pink and white stripes on our faces we were ready to hit some wickets and score some 6's. In my team there was Sofia T, Isabel, Amelia, Sofia G, Siena, Rajieli, Elyse and myself, but we could easily be mistaken as the Australian Cricket Team. Mr Tobin and Tegan were also there to help.


The day was full of wins and losses, but the most important thing was the smiles on our faces and the fun we had. 


By Ioanna S

Picture: Ioanna bowling a delivery down the pitch to the other team with Jordan’s mum, Maureen, in the background umpiring and scoring!