School Community

2017 Parent Survey 

Thank you for your contributions to the School Improvement Survey.  We had over 100 families participate.  Feedback is crucial in helping the school improve and look forward to the future.  The survey closes today and the results will be published in a few weeks.

School Education Board

On behalf of the School Education Board, I would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to our Principal & Deputy Principals for the work and effort in preparing for our School Review.

Their significant contribution is to be commended and provided a terrific base from which we were able to review our last 4 years and plan for the next 4 years.  With their leadership, we are very optimistic about what we can accomplish well into the future.


We would also like to acknowledge the successful & necessary installation of the safety nets within our school grounds.  As many parents/carers would know, our small campus can become very congested at recess and lunchtime, with student activity often resulting in collisions & injuries.  Our Master Plan aims to address this in the longer term but in the meantime, we were very pleased to see the nets installed and understand that there has been a sharp decline in the number of injuries from ball sports & student collisions.  The efforts of our superb Galilee Events Team & the D.O.G.S in raising funds for the school has helped finance this initiative and we hope that you are pleased to see that your support of their events, helps create a better school for our children.


I would also like to remind the School Community that correspondence was circulated on Wednesday 1st November in regard to pending vacancies on our Board.  The process for nominating to join the Board was outlined in this correspondence and we would be delighted to receive your nomination, particularly if you have the skills/knowledge that we are seeking into 2018 and beyond.  To that end, I would like to extend our gratitude & appreciation to Alex Trevisin and Brendan Coburn who will be completing their 3 year term at the end of 2017.  Your contribution & service to our School is to be congratulated.


Warm regards,


Donna McMaster

Chair/ Galilee School Education Board

Art Show 

New Cleaning Company

Danihers wins four BSCAA awards in 30th year


Danihers team members have won four of the top awards at the annual BSCAA Victoria AustralianSuper Industry Excellence Awards held in Melbourne last week.


Danihers had ten finalists in the awards, with two going on to win their category – Galina Tobolov for Outstanding Achievement as a Cleaner in Health and Community Services and Lorenze Wijeratne for Outstanding Achievement as a Cleaner in Commercial Services.


As well as winning the award for top cleaner in Health and Community Services, Galina also took home the Cleaner of the Year Award out of all five categories.


The awards recognise Danihers team members as being among the most outstanding performers in these fields.