Leadership and Management

End of Year Reports

Staff are currently in the process of re-structuring and re-formatting the end of year reports. We have decided to re-structure Galilee's School Reports based on a recommendation from the School Improvement Team (the team is made up of representative students, staff and parents). The School Improvement Team suggested a new format that aims to give parents more information about student achievement.


Staff have been collaboratively working on the new reporting format and are excited by the amount of information that it will give parents about student achievement for the semester.


What will stay the same?

The General Comment will remain in the new reports. The General Comment is a personalised paragraph about the student, written by their classroom teacher. The General Comment explains the students achievement for the semester based on the Victorian Curriculum as well as their ability to work individually or in teams,  make and maintain friendships and respond to situations with resilience.


The Victorian Curriculum 'dots' will remain in the new reports. The 'dots' show the students achievement against the Victorian Curriculum. This section will indicate where the student sits in relation to the Victorian Curriculum, in all subject areas taught. The table will indicate if their achievement is at standard, below standard or above standard for their level of schooling. The table will also indicate growth since the last school report. 


What will be different?

Each learning area will begin with an Overview. The Overview will explain the learning experiences that students were involved in for that particular subject. Learning Areas included in the Semester Two reports will be: Religious Education, English, Mathematics, STEAM - The Arts (Term 3), STEAM - Health (Term 4), Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Physical Education, Information Communication Technology and Italian.


After the Overview, the Victorian Curriculum 'dots' will appear, indicating the level of student's achievement against the Victorian Curriculum that was taught within the learning area.


Next, there will be an Achievement Standards Table that will break up the learning area into achievement standards. The table will indicate the achievement standards that the students have been assessed on for the semester. Students will be marked against each achievement standards on a five point scale. The scale will indicate the degree to which the students has grasped the achievement standard. The  columns on the five point scale will be labelled: Not Evident, With Teacher Assistance, Meets Standard, Meets Standard at a High Level and Works Beyond Standard. The aim of the table will to be to give parents more information about the level of achievement within learning areas. Please note that if a student has been absent for a long period of time an achievement standard may indicate N/A. This is because the student was not present for the teaching, learning or assessment of this particular achievement standard.


Finally, there will be a table that will indicate the effort and behavior of the student within the learning area. This table will appear for each learning area.


We are very excited about the new reporting format and believe that it will give parents a greater insight into their child's achievement.