Student Reports

A Great Report About The Liveability Walk

On the Sixth of June 2018, the Grade Fours went on a walk around Melbourne to learn about the city’s history and how to be sustainable.

First we took a bus to Federation Square. Then we went to meet our tour guide. Our tour guide said we were going to name and design a city, everyone got excited. We had to vote on a name for the city. Our options were Boomerang City, 4P City and Sustainability City. It ended up being Boomerang City. I noticed a few people didn’t vote for anything.

Next we were given new identities.  We were called out and told what we did for Melbourne. We started by going to John Batman’s house. We learnt he died of alcoholism. He and his wife were Australia's founding father and mother.

After that we moved on to the underground tunnels. They were built when Melbourne hosted the Olympic Games in the 1960s, to make the tunnels look nicer.


We moved on to some eateries after the tunnels. Everybody ended up staring at a waffle shop. 

We then went to the Nicholas building. Someone had the identity of the architect who designed the Nicholas building. We had our snack there.

After we had a snack we learnt about the gold rush. My new identity was Peter Lalor. He was a gold miner who had to pay taxes to a prime minister, he didn’t get to vote for. He led a rebellion to get men to be allowed to vote for their representatives and he succeeded.

Later we went to the Block Arcade. We learnt the difference between an arcade and a laneway. Then we enjoyed some chocolate.

Finally we went back to Federation Square. We got small human figures and half-pennies before we left.

I really enjoyed the day and would love to go again!

Thanks for reading!   

By Jack 4P


Yesterday Year 4 went  on a 'Liveability Walk' around  the city. We started at Federation Square where we saw the "Wave of Waste!" This art installation symbolises the amount of plastic entering Australia's oceans every hour. We learnt that over half a million rock tiles were used in Federation Square with some rock being thousands of years old. The square is like standing on a giant trampoline as it is built on springs. Another interesting building was Block Arcade (modelled on a famous arcade in Milan) We found the Haigh's chocolate shop and were given a sample of chocolate to taste! Delicious!

In the newest arcade in Collins Street we saw another art installation made from recycled green glass and plastic. As well as looking amazing it also serves a noise barrier for the Novotel Hotel and it represents the 'Aurora Borealis" or' SouthernLlights' a natural electrical phenomenon. 

What is Reconciliation week?

Reconciliation week is celebrated in Australia between the 27th May and the 3rd of June. The date is recognised for two amazing milestones on the reconciliation journey.

First, the 1967 Referendum was successful in changing the Australian Constitution by allowing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to have the same rights as white Australian have.

Second, the High Court Mabo decision. During this time we commemorate all the cultures in Australia as equality is important.

By Drew 5O

Water Filter Experiment

This week, Year 5 did a science experiment on turning dirty water into clean water.


The materials we were given to make our water filter were:

- Recycled plastic bottle

- Some sand

- Pebbles

- Rubber bands

- Pieces of cloth

- Recycled glass jars.


Our goal was to make a filter that would turn the dirty water into clean water.

Each group used a different method and created their own filter.

Some filters worked and some didn’t but everyone had fun.


By Noah K 5F