Senior School Return to School Celebrations

Actions speak louder than words is an old maxim, which holds true most of the time, and it was the idea behind the many welcome back activities for students across Senior School at the end of the most recent lockdown.


For each year level, a different welcome back was arranged by the coordinators, with the assistance of students and teachers.  These celebrations added to the joy of students returning to onsite learning and being reunited with their friends and teachers. There were surprises everywhere, delighted faces and lots of happy conversations on the first day back; first for Years 7 and 11, and then for Years 8 and 9.


Year 7s enjoyed a full morning of games, followed by a morning tea, while the Year 8s took a long walk down to the Enviro Barn, to enjoy a typical Aussie campfire activity, toasting marshmallows in a bush setting. The Year 9 student leaders planned, set up and led an amazing morning of activities for their year level, which included Family Feud, a scavenger hunt and a delicious morning tea. The music, class decorations and a personalised card placed in each student’s locker added to the carnival feel in the Year 9 courtyard. 


Up in Senior School, Year 10s and 11s were greeted by a beautiful display of lanterns and welcome back signs, signed by their teachers. A catered morning tea for each group was the ideal time for the students to reconnect with each other and their teachers. 


The enthusiastic and inspired efforts of each of the coordinators, Mr Cutler, Mr Gaschk, Miss Coates, Miss Latham and Mrs Doblin, ensured that students were left in little doubt that we missed them and were very happy to see them back again.




Trevor Whittle

Head of Students