The Wellbeing team has had a busy term spending time with students, participating in some extracurricular school events and we are now gearing up for a good holiday break.

This term has been a great one here at Koonung, we’ve been running Lunchtime Activities for Year 7 students in the clubhouse every Thursday, joining in on sports days and excursions and have loved building better relationships with students and staff as we all work together to create a great community.


It’s important to promote a good balance of rest, physical activity and revision of school work over the break. For the 7-9 students,  revision is the key – for some of our senior students (10-12) there will be homework set and SACs coming up in the first few weeks of Term 2, so some gentle reminders of this could be helpful for the young people in your home!


Some options in the wider community for young people during the holidays can be found here:





We hope you have a safe and happy break!”









The Wellbeing Team