Positive Climate for Learning

Year 3 Learning Community

For Writing this term, the Year 3’s have been focusing on Information Texts. Our students have loved these writing lessons, as they have been finding out lots of interesting facts about animals such as the Brushtail Possum, wombats and the Artic Fox.


During our research sessions, our students have learned a lot of new vocabulary, such as ‘omnivore’, ‘herbivore’, ‘marsupial’, ‘nocturnal’, ‘warren’, ‘tundra’ and so on. It has been exciting to see these words included in our student’s writing and even when they talk to each other about these animals. 


We have introduced the skill of note-taking. Our students have been researching, recording key words and facts and then using their notes to construct factual and descriptive sentences.


We asked a few of our students to share how they feel about writing this term:


Xavier – I am learning so much information that I didn’t know, like wombats having a pouch that is rear-facing so dirt doesn’t get in there when they dig.

Ava – Taking the notes really helps me to remember what to include in my sentences, so I don’t have to stop to try think about what to write about.

Ashni – I love writing because I like to challenge myself with compound sentences.

Indi – Taking notes is fun.

Harley – I like thinking of adjectives to make my sentences more descriptive to the reader.


After our students have planned, drafted and edited their writing, they are ready to publish. This is the fun part. They have the choice to use an iPad to publish or make a booklet or poster. Our students are using publishing apps such as Google Slides and Book Creator with growing speed and efficiency to construct and edit their published piece.

Year 4 Learning Community

Our focus for Mathematics this term has been on multiplication, with students learning many ways to represent equal groups such as using a number line, drawing arrays and using repeated addition to solve problems. We have also been answering worded problems to show our students how valuable these skills are for everyday life! After coming back from camp, students designed their own ‘dream camp’ by drawing arrays in their maths book.


In General Studies students have explored how life in Australia has changed over time and in particular, how the past has influenced current day society. Students have researched well known public figures who have made a positive contribution to Australian sports, politics, education and the Arts. 


In English, Year 4 students have been learning about persuasive writing including how to structure a paragraph with a topic sentence, supporting detail and a closing sentence. Students have been exploring emotive language and using various techniques in their writing to present their opinion on different topics. Students will practise these as speeches delivered to the class to try to persuade others to agree with their ideas.


An exciting addition to the classroom space has been an Affirmation Station. Students have created positive affirmations during our Civics and Citizenship lessons and developed an intentional space in our classroom that prompts positivity and connectedness.

Years 3 & 4 Learning Community

YMCA Lady Northcote – Year 3 and 4 Camp


Early in August, the Year 3 and Year 4 students ventured off to explore the YMCA Lady Northcote camp. We were lucky to have beautiful sunny days to fill with activities such as canoeing, hut building, low ropes course, mountain biking and the very popular giant swing. 


Swing By Choice (Giant Swing)

Participants are harnessed, and hauled up by their team. Once the participant is at their desired height, they have the opportunity to pull the release cord, which will send them swinging through the air.  


Low Ropes             

With 15 linked elements, including a 10 metre Rock Bouldering Wall.  Students work in small groups to support each other and develop trust. A great activity to prepare participants for High Ropes. 



Students enjoyed an introduction to basic skills flat water canoeing.  Games were also incorporated in this session to enhance confidence and knowledge of how to propel/steer the canoe. 

Students and staff had happy tummies with delicious food being provided at every turn! 


Lady Northcote Recreation Camp is located in the picturesque Rowsley Valley, just outside of Bacchus Marsh, a short 50 minute drive from Melbourne CBD. The camp overlooks rural farm land and is placed on a spacious 84 acres. We were very lucky to have so many staff and students participate and enjoy this experience together. 

Ariel – I liked the big swing but I was really scared, but I did go to the top and pulled the rope – it was really fun once I actually did it! 

Scarlett H – My favourite was the giant swing because it was scary in the beginning but when you were actually swinging it was super doper fun! 

Riley – The cabins was my favourite thing because me and my friends got to talk all night. 

Hunter – My favourite thing at camp was bike riding because it was a solo activity and I like riding because I am good at it. 

Tate – Spending time with all my friends and not being at school! 

Mikayla – My favourite thing was doing lots of adventures, like canoeing which was really fun. 

Peyton – My favourite thing was bike riding because I got to go on a balance bike and it was quite fun. 

Bailey – I like the giant swing because it flinged (flung) me so high! 


Thank you to everyone who helped make this camp possible, including parents & families, students and staff! 

Performing Arts

This term in Performing Arts students have been looking at the subject of Dance. Students have been exploring movement, story telling and collaboration with others. 

In Prep we have been exploring movement patterns and learning how to copy and repeat simple dance steps to music. Students have been working hard on working with others in the class and learning how we use our body to dance. 


The Year 1’s have been further developing their understanding of locomotor (travelling movements) and non-locomotor (movements that stay on the spot) movements work. Then using these movements to create their own dance sequences. 


In Year 2, students have been working through their class dance routine ‘Dig a Little Deeper’ from Princess and the Frog.  Exploring their understanding of complex locomotor (travelling movements) and non-locomotor (movements that stay on the spot). 


Our Year 3’s and 4’s have had the challenge of learning their class pieces to the song ‘The Family Madrigal’ from the movie Encanto. The Year 3 students have been working on developing their understanding of a warmup and cool down, while the Year 4’s have developed their ability to explore safe dance practice (how we can be safe with our body while doing turns, jumps and spins). It has been wonderful seeing this dance come together.


The Years 5 and 6 students have been learning their dance piece ‘Friend Like Me’ from Aladdin the musical. The Year 5's have been working on their development of tempo and timing of movements to music and furthering their ability to be able to tell a story through dance, using expression.  The Year 6 students have had a focus on this also, however the Year 6’s have had to create and refine their own choreography using the six elements of dance and chorographic devises. 


In secondary, both Emma and Jack's classes have been working on developing their class piece ‘Newsies’. The groups have been working on portraying a character from the musical and working on their ability to extend themselves. Students are looking forward to getting into their scripts in the coming weeks. 


It has been wonderful seeing all these dances come to life!! All students have been trying there best to learn and develop their abilities in dance. In week 7 students are looking forward to starting their Drama unit. 

PE - What is News?

Are you playing for a team or club outside of school? We want to hear about it! We want to get as many students as possible to add their picture to our Local Sports and Clubs Wall in the Gym.


Bring in a photo of yourself dressed in your team uniform or an action shot of you participating in your sport to your next PE session and we will stick it next to your Clubs logo. 


We want all our students at ACS to get involved in outside sports and if they see that their friends are also involved in a local club, they may be inspired and join too!

Looking to join a sporting club? Come and check out the posters in the Gym to see if there is one you would like to try!

Being prepared for PE Classes 


As the weather gets cooler we wanted to remind students of what to bring to PE classes:

  • Water bottle.
  • Jumpers/Jackets. We have some awesome outdoor sporting facilities at ACS and we want to use them. Make sure you pack warm clothes as your PE session may run outdoors!
  • Runners. Remember to wear comfortable running shoes to P.E.
  • Take off jewellery. Just like in competition sport, all jewellery must be removed before P.E
  • Comfortable clothing. Make sure you have the right gear on to run, jump, hop and skip!