Pupils of the Week

The following students will be presented with their certificates at the following assemblies:

Friday 25th October

Callista M (PA) - For trying her Personal best during writing tasks.  Callista takes pride in her work and enjoys challenging herself using some very descriptive words.  Well done, Callista!

Aimee C (P1B) -  For working so diligently on your reading and writing. You really are putting in your best effort and we’re so proud of your learning. Well done.


Brooklyn C (1C) - For your persistent efforts in maths.  I have been so impressed by your skills as we have learnt about money.  Keep up the great work!

Amber L (23A)  - For always demonstrating her Personal Best.  it has been great to see Amber show determination and persistence when working on difficult maths tasks.  Keep up the great work.

Remy S (23B) - For being a helpful and caring class member.  You are always looking to put others' needs before your own and do so in a cheerful manner.  We are so lucky to have you in our class!

Josh S (45B) – For sharing his fantastic holiday with the class and for also thinking about us while in Darwin and sending us a fantastic postcard. Thank you, Josh.

Thomas L (6A) - For being a great classmate and friend.  He always looks out for others and does so with an awesome smile.

Friday 1st November

Cooper R (PA) - For displaying terrific leadership skills.  Cooper is a confident member of our class and he willingly offers to hep others.  Thank you for showing kindness to others, Cooper!

Brandon P (P1B) - For your positive and bubbly outlook! Brandon is always ready to give anything a go and has such a bright upbeat personality that we truly love. Thank you, Brandon for always making us smile!

Ila G (P1B) -  For your wonderful effort and concentration in our Math lessons. Ila has been doing her Personal Best and really making sure she stays on task and asking lots of questions. Keep it up!

Matisse M (1C) - For making amazing strides with your reading.  Your hard work and effort has really shown during guided reading.  Well done!

Lenny H (23A) - For showing an improvement in his Attentive Listening during our class discussions.  Lenny has been demonstrating Mutual Respect to his peers when sharing his thoughts and opinions.  Well done!

Ryan P (23B) - For aiming for his Personal Best.  Ryan has been working hard to concentrate well in class and complete tasks in a timely and efficient manner.  It's been great seeing you improve.  Keep it up!

Soha V (45B) – For her random act of kindness and baking a cake for the class just because she wanted to. Thank you, Soha. We love your kindness.

Liam M (6A) - For being a kind and caring classmate.  Liam always offers to help others and is a great role model.