Principal's Report

2020 Planning

While we are strongly focussed on achieving great student learning growth over the remainder of 2019 we are beginning to look into 2020. 


Our class structures for 2020 will be returning to our usual model as outlined below:

  • 2x Foundation Classes
  • 3x 1/2 Classes
  • 2x 3/4 Classes
  • 3x 5/6 Classes

While this year required us to have a slightly unorthodox structure across the school, which has seen outstanding student learning results with all students being taught at their individual point of need, it will be good to have our students organised in a more traditional arrangement again. 

2020 Classes

At times parents have concerns regarding their child's class placement and wish to make a special request. If anyone wishes to do this I am asking that they make a time to meet with me to outline their request and the educational need that this request is based on. Parents cannot request to have a specific teacher or for their child to be with specific friends.  Our teaching staff spends many hours placing students into classes for the following year based on their knowledge of student friendships, academic and social needs as well as many other factors. 


I am asking to meet with parents who would like to make a request to enable me to better understand the basis of the need. If you have such a request this can be emailed to me at and I will follow this up with parents to arrange a quick 5-minute chat. 


Sometimes over the years, information gets lost through staffing changes, so please make contact with me even if you believe this information has been passed on to the school previously.  This way you know that your request has been noted and we are able to consider it when we begin the process of placing students in their classes for 2020.  I am asking all requests to be made to me by Friday 8th November.

If you know that your child will not be returning to Marlborough Primary School in 2020 (other than our year 6's) and you haven't already let me know, can you please do so by Friday 25th October. 

Somers Camp 

Over the past two weeks, we have had 24 of our Year 5 and 6 students away at Somers Camp with Lisa Reiner and Bonny Chisholm. Somers Camp is run by the Department of Education in addition to our normal camping program. The camp provides a wonderful experience to all of our students (and staff) away from their families for 8 days where they get to engage with a whole range of activities and build relationships with students from other schools. 


I would like to thank Lisa and Bonny who, while always super keen to attend the camp, have put in many more hours than they would back at school to accompany our students and provide updates on how they are going. Without dedicated staff who are willing to attend this camp, we would not be able to have so many students attend. 

Working Bee

Please put November 17th in your diaries now as we are holding a working bee to begin the work on our outdoor spaces. We will be improving the entranceway to the Administration building and surrounding gardens. 


I will provide a list of specific skills and tools we are after to complete this work, but if we have lots of hands on deck for the day we will be able to rejuvenate this area of the school. 


This is the first project on the list over the next few years, and I will provide further detail on our timeline to our community once approved by the school council. 

Staffing News

At the end of next week we farewell Caitlin Lindsay who will be starting her Maternity Leave. Caitlin and her husband Justin are expecting their first child later this year and we wish them all the very best as they embark on the wild ride that is parenthood. While Caitlin will be back at Marlborough in the future she will be missed by staff and students and we look forward to hearing updates. 


With Caitlin on leave in 2020, and having an additional classroom we will be welcoming two new staff to Marlborough next year. Nathan Baxter and Matt Johnson will be joining our teaching team and as always with new staff, we are looking forward to the contribution that Nathan and Matt will bring to the school.