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Statewide Indonesian Speaking Competition Results


On the 9th of May, we had over 50 students enter Sayembara Lisan, an Indonesian Oral Competition, run in conjunction with VILTA (Victorian Indonesian Language Teachers’ Association) and the Asia Institute, University of Melbourne.


It was an amazing effort to have so many students compete and congratulations to all of you. We had Bu Devathas, Indonesian teacher from Heathmont College and Bu Henna, language assistant for our region, visit our school to judge our students as part of the Maroondah region. The competition included simple questions and the students either sang a song, recited a poem or engaged in conversation in Indonesian.


I am very proud to announce that we have 10 students who have made it through to the finals. Congratulations to the following students:


Level 1: Remy S, Willow J, Xanthe N

Level 2: Summer W, Dove A, Oliver A, Florence B, Scarlett B

Level 3: Josh R, Stephanie C


The finals will be held on Saturday 1st  of June at Sydney Myer Asia Centre, University of Melbourne. We wish you all “Semoga sukses!”


Terima kasih (Thank-you),


(Bu) Mary-Ellen Dowling

Dance workshop


Last Thursday all Grade 2 /3 students had a free dance workshop run by Australian Performing Arts Education (APAE). The instructor was Alex and all students were introduced to different genres of dance. These included Line dancing, Salsa, Hip hop, Tango, Bollywood , Jazz, Irish etc. it was a lot of fun and Alex was so impressed with all the movers and groovers  at Marlborough PS. 


Can't wait for the disco to see more impressive dance moves!  


Bonny Chisholm

PE Specialist

Chaplain’s Chat – May 2019

Key Points for supporting children’s coping skills


Children need adult support and guidance as they learn to manage fear effectively. An important first step is acknowledging your child’s concerns.


Your support and encouragement will help your child to attempt what at first may seem scary to them. You can help your child recognise when they are feeling scared by naming the feeling. For example, you could say: “It sounds like you’re worried about …” or “Are you feeling a bit scared?” Labelling your child’s fear helps them to see that feeling scared is a normal feeling that can be managed.

You can also tell them how you deal with fear and worry. This helps children recognise that even grownups get scared and worried sometimes. You will help them see that feeling scared is something you do understand and can help them with.


Prepare your child for situations they may find scary by planning ahead and practising ways about what to do. Children will not learn when they are already feeling afraid, because fear makes it difficult for them to remember what you are teaching them. Preparation and practice will help them with their coping skills and help them see that they have tools to manage their fear.


If ongoing fear and worry make it hard for children to enjoy life or interferes with their ability to manage everyday activities, you may need to seek additional help.


Dorothy Dullege

School Chaplain


Camps, Sports, Excursions Fund


For those of you who have a Health Care Card, you may be entitled to the CSEF, a total of $125 per student which can be used to pay for camps, school sport, excursions, incursions etc.  See below for a copy of the application form.


If you have submitted a form in previous years and your details are unchanged, there is no need to resubmit for 2019.


If you are unable to print a copy, please ask for one at the office.


Bendigo Bank School Banking



Just a reminder that School Banking is every Thursday.

If you would like an information pack/application form please collect one from the school office.