Senior School 

Welcome to 2019

Welcome to the 2019 school year at Koonung Secondary College. I would like to make a particular welcome to our Year 10 parents and students who have joined the Senior School. While the final three years of schooling has its challenges, it also provides students of Koonung Secondary College a wealth of opportunities to grow both inside and outside the classroom. We are looking forward to the year ahead, we are extremely proud of our 2018 results and are anticipating continued success through excellence and endeavour.

I would like to thank the Senior School team for ensuring a smooth transition for students into their programs across the past two weeks. This year the team consists of Zaiga Bendrups as Senior School Administrator, Chris Sheehan as Year 12 Coordinator, Michael Harte as Year 11 Coordinator and Stephanie Van Ekeris as Year 10 Coordinator. Stephanie is new to the College and joins us after a number of years experience teaching in other Victorian schools as well as overseas.  

It has been great to see students from across all senior year levels using the Senior Centre during student breaks and after school. The Senior Centre is usually open for study purposes after school and students are encouraged to use the centre for revision as well as a collaboration space.

Students, parents and carers are reminded that Compass is the main conduit for communication and event information from the College. Student results can be accessed ongoing by checking Learning Tasks for the students class and information regarding College events is available on the Compass newsfeed.


Senior School events

  • Year 12 Student Lunchtime Barbeque – Monday 11 February
  • Year 11 Student Lunchtime Barbeque – Thursday 14 February
  • Year 10 Student Lunchtime Barbeque – Friday 15 February
  • Year 12 Badging Assembly – Friday 15 February
  • VCE Parent Information Evening – Monday 18 February 6.30pm
  • Year 10 Parent Information Evening – Tuesday 19 February 6.30pm



















Senior School Team 2019







Director of Learning - Senior School 

Mr Conor Sheehan









Senior School Administrator

Mrs Zaiga Bendrups







Year 12 Coordinator

Mr Chris Sheehan








Year 11 Coordinator

Dr Michael Harte








Year 10 Coordinator

Ms Stephanie Van Ekeris