Wellbeing & Student Engagement 

Welcome from the Wellbeing Team

Dear parents and carers

Welcome to 2019! We are really fortunate to have a Health and Wellbeing Team available to support our school community again this year. This team comprises of:




·         Michael Oaten – team leader/director of learning: learning enhancement (full time)

·         Helen Lamers - school nurse (available Wed, Thu, Fri)

·         Ewa Oaten – counsellor (available Tues & Fri)

·         Ella Cogger – counsellor (available Mon, Tues, Wed & Thu)


This team also liaise with DET assigned health professionals and a visiting psychologist for any student who may require additional support. The team will be posting tips and strategies for wellbeing throughout the year on Compass, run wellbeing sessions for year levels/groups as well as offer individual counselling sessions for students. If you have a health or wellbeing concern about your student, please get in contact with the relevant sub-school manager or coordinator.


We hope that it’s been a smooth start to the school year so far!



The Wellbeing Team