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And then they read allowed!

Every day we listen to something; our teacher talking, our friends chatting, tv programs, the radio, podcasts and a thousand more things I could mention.  However, when was the last time a friend read to you or you read to a friend? Think about trying this - you've just finished the most amazing book and want to share a special part with someone - why not read to them!  Reading aloud is a wonderful thing, I encourage you all to give it a try.  “Hearing language orally, by reading aloud to anyone, can highlight the beauty in the writing that often gets missed when reading silently.” 

Super Bowl 2019

What an exciting lunch time we had with the Super Bowl on! Not sure everyone understood the rules of the game but spirits were high and cheering was mandatory. The New England Patriots won easily and at 41 years of age Tom Brady proved he is still the greatest quaterback the world has seen!