From the Narre Warren South Campus

Around NWS

Spring has sprung and the children are enjoying being outside again.


Thank you to Mrs Sandra Watson for the photos.

Primary LOTE

Continuing on from last term, the students have been learning gospel songs in Indonesian. 


Sophie in Year 3CH sang This is the Day (Hari ini harinya Tuhan).


Dhriti in Year 1K sang two songs: 1-1 I Love Mum (Satu Satu Aku Sayang Ibu), and Jesus Loves All (Yesus Sayang Semua).


Well done to both girls for their beautiful and enthusiastic singing. 

Mrs Lian Scheermeijer

Primary LOTE Teacher

Reptile Encounters Incursion

Did you know some turtles can breathe through their bottom? This was one of the amazing facts Year 3CH learnt when we had a Wild Livestream from Dan at Reptile Encounters on Monday 14th September. Dan did a show called Feathers, Fur and Scales and showed us a baby saltwater crocodile, a barking owl, an olive python, an Eastern Long-neck turtle and a bat.


Here are some of the comments from the students in Year 3CH:


"I thought it was exciting. My favourite was the python. It was bigger than the man’s arm span and they can swallow wallabies whole! Their neck expands."



"My favourite animal was the bat because it’s wing was long and it was very big and cute!"



"I liked the bat and the owl. The bat is so cute and the owl was grumpy!"



"It was epic and super fun! I hope we do another next year! My favourite animal was the saltwater croc!"



"It was fun to see a python!"



"It was fun and I was excited to see the animals. My favourite animal there was the owl."



"On Monday we had an incursion and we visited reptile encounters. I felt excited when I saw a bat, owl, snake, crocodile and a turtle. I went WOW when I saw Dan put the snake around his neck!!!"



"It was amazing because there was a snake that was wrapped around Dan’s head! The crocodile was my favourite animal."



"I loved seeing the reptiles because it let me learn more about different animals. They are all my favourite animals! Thank you for sharing the reptiles with us."



"It was really cool to see the animals because we got to know lots of cool things about all the animals and we got to see them too! My favourite animal was the owl because it can hear a mouse’s heartbeat from 5-10 metres away! The owl also looks really cool!"



'Dan was nice. I didn’t know he had an owl with him, which made me happy! He taught me that there are different types of owls, like the one he showed us was a barn owl and it looked very cool."



Mrs Aloma Camps

Year 3CH Teacher

School Holiday Service

During the school holidays, Natalia (Year 3CH) has been helping a lot with food preparation and packing food at ADRA. It's great to see her involvement and care as she represents Heritage College in service to her local community! 


Miss Kristin Hankins

Year 3CH Teacher