Girls' Sport

Girls' Sport

Ms Knox
Ms Knox

We are working to offer a great range of sports for girls in 2021. We have surveyed our incoming girls about which sports they would like to play. We've also asked about whether they want to play competitively, representing the school, or in a participatory way for fun and fitness. 


In order to provide plenty of opportunity at an inter-school level, we are engaging with SCSA and ACC - school sports associations so that girls, like boys, will have plenty of opportunity to represent the College in sport. Mr Hawkins, our ACC and Sports Coordinator, has been working tirelessly in this area. 


We had a great response from the girls and were excited to see their enthusiasm for a variety of sports. Scroll through to see responses below:




We will use this data to help us to plan for 2021 and ensure we are catering effectively for girls. 


2022 Enrolment Interviews

The College has undertaken enrolment interviews for its 2022 cohort of Year 7s. What an amazing, vibrant group of young people! At CBC, students' individuality is cherished, and these young girls and boys - our future students - had a chance to share their individuality with us. 


We are in a privileged position in education to share in the formation of young people. At CBC, we seek to offer an exciting, quality education that celebrates and caters to the individuality of each and every student. Some of the Year 5s we spoke to already had a very clear idea of their post-schooling goals and some were not yet thinking about such far away things. Through our learning and pastoral programs, careers counselling and co-curricular opportunities, we equip students to explore and achieve their aspirations. We can feel confident that these young people will thrive at our school. 


The interviews also allowed us to engage with our future families - to chat, ask questions and begin to feel like a part of our school community. We know that parent engagement in learning is one of the keys to success for students.  Welcoming and involving families our school is a priority for us, and our P&F association, led by Jane Leroi, does a wonderful job of helping to build our community. 


In December, offers of places will be sent to families. We are excited to see our school grow and our future enriched by new students and families. 


For enrolment enquiries email or head to our website:



Jenny Knox | Director of Innovation and College Development