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Today I received the loveliest gesture in the mail from fellow Edmund Rice Education Australia school St Dominic’s College from western Sydney. A set of cards with a message saying “Dear members of the CBC St Kilda community, during these challenging times created by the COVID-19 pandemic, St Dominic’s College Community wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you and praying for your good health and wellbeing”. This was followed by handwritten messages of support from a group of Year 7 and Year 9 students. Simple heartfelt messages which I found incredibly moving. It was lovely also to receive a set of video messages from a group of EREA schools from interstate which we have shared with our students:



It is reassuring to know that our national EREA family are thinking of us. 


At this time when we are so caught up in the here and now, somehow, we must still be optimistic about what may still be to come. We are buoyed at the thought that we will soon be welcoming back our Year 11 and 12 students and are cautiously optimistic that we may at some stage have other year levels return. At the moment we are unsure as to which of the normal Year 12 rites of passage events we will be able to conduct, but we are most certainly planning for what might be, recognising the importance of acknowledging the graduands of 2020 in a significant, symbolic and deserving way. 


This term has certainly been a challenging one for everyone and such circumstances have made it even more important for us all to stay connected and, for those who are able, be willing to support those around us. Last week we recognised RUOK Day, reminding our students about what to say when someone says they are not OK and guiding them through how they can continue a conversation that could change a life. As the adults in their lives it is timely for us to also be reminded to check in on each other, to offer words of support and encouragement. It has become clear to me that parents/carers and teachers are unsung heroes in this extraordinary time. As we head to the term break then, let us see it is a chance for all parents, staff and students to take stock, to have time away from screens and the associated stress, and to consider the joy of peace.


It is perhaps timely then to visit the Evening Family Prayer from Robert Louis Stevenson:


Lord, behold our family here assembled.

We thank you for this place in which we dwell, 

For the love that unites us;

For the peace accorded to us this day;

For the hope with which we expect tomorrow;

For the health, the work, the food and the bright skies that make our lives delightful; and 

For our friends in all parts of the earth. 



Terry Blizzard | Principal