Boarders' Camp

Boarders' Camp at Rottnest


Don’t be surprised if you hear a few tall tales being reported to you about the Boarders' Rotto Camp. There was a lot of fishing over the camp and as all good fisherman will tell you, many boarders will tell you they caught a fish ‘this big’!

The boarders all left from school on Friday 8 February to attend the much-anticipated Boarders' Camp on Rottnest Island. The new boarders were accompanied by Cebula student leaders, and stayed at the Kingston Barracks huts in Governor’s Circle.

The camp was attended by boarding staff Mr Floyd, Ms Betts, Mr Anderson, Mr Riseley, Mrs Logan and Mrs Ingleton as well as evening teacher supervisors Mr Keddie and Mr Gardner. We thank all staff for giving up their weekend with their families to help with this valuable camp.

The camp made the most of the many activities on offer on the island. Yes, that meant plenty of fishing, swimming, riding across the island and relaxing in the settlement.

One highlight was Mr Gardner’s inaugural speed sand castle building competition where teams pitted against each other for a beachside battle to create the highest sand castle.

It felt like there was a constant game of cricket being played on the drive of Governor’s Circle, which was testament to the perpetual energy of youth. 




The senior boys managed the cooking and cleaning over the weekend and we’re happy to report that everyone was well fed and the accommodation was left cleaner than when we arrived!

The weather was perfect and all boarders made the most of the free time to get to know each other so we are very pleased to report another successful camp, not least for Mr Anderson who was able to have a delicious fish breakfast after his fishing session. He’ll happily tell you about the fish he caught… it was ‘this big’!


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Michael Anderson

Head of Senior Boarding